I write, I read, I edit, I drink less coffee than I used to. I’m fond of good whiskey, dark beer, and sleeping.

I AM CURRENTLY OPEN TO EDITING JOBS, anything under 150,000 words. Take a look at my client testimonials. Rate and procedure information is on the same page, further down.


Most conventions listed, I’ll be attending as a vendor with The Scribbling Lion, so look for me in the dealer’s room!

MarsCon 2020

Mini-Writing Classes At The Cultural Arts Center of Glen Allen (February 1, February 29, March 21, April 11, May 09, & Jun 06) Classes do not appear to be posted online yet, but they’re scheduled!

SAGA CON (I’ll be at the Muggles Market Too on Sat & Sun)

RavenCon 2020

ConGregate 2020

I will probably be at AtomaCon 2020 as well, but it’s not official just yet.


A lot of samples to see what to restock for the year ahead.


My writing vacation is almost over. I’m going to start swinging at the keyboard again starting in January. The essentials have been handled at the new house, and I can attack the remaining endless list of projects in smaller chunks.

I’m currently editing a long-shelved add-on chapter for Servants of the Sands, since I’ve never really been satisfied about where I ended that book. Hopefully I’ll be able to release that for free to anyone interested by the end of February.

I’m also bringing the first book of the followup series back to life, prodding and poking at it and coming up with new and better plot twists.

I have notes and sketches for a lot of short pieces that I would like to flesh out and submit. I intend to get at least a couple new things out, self published or professionally, in 2020.

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