I write, I read, I edit. I’m pretty good at all three.

I AM CURRENTLY OPEN TO SHORT EDITING JOBS, anything under 60,000 words.

At this point in time I am not holding any special deals. I will take on one editing job, but it will be at regular rates, which are based on EFA suggested numbers.

Take a look at my client testimonials. Standard rate and procedure information is on the same page, further down. Contact me about editing jobs at editor at leonawisoker dot com.


Most conventions listed, I’ll be attending as a vendor with The Scribbling Lion, so look for me in the dealer’s room!

Almost everything through June August October has been canceled. I’m bummed! But it means I have more incentive to get back to actually writing, so….

Mini-Writing Classes At The Cultural Arts Center of Glen AllenĀ These are tentatively back on. I’m waiting to find out the dates they have available for my classes, then I’ll post them here.

March 21: Using Maps in Your Writing

More classes through June!


ConGregate 2020

I will probably be at AtomaCon 2020 as well, but it’s not official just yet.

There is a SLIGHT chance I’ll attend a Virginia convention in September, but that’s entirely dependent on how the virus develops.


Trying to find lighter, more amusing work. I welcome recommendations.


My writing vacation is over. I have begun swinging at the keyboard by editing long-held projects for release into the wild.

I’ve finished the add-on chapter for Servants of the Sands, and I’m working on overhauling the main book. If it’s gonna get republished, it’s gonna get a few things fixed along the way!

I’m also bringing the first book of the followup series back to life, prodding and poking at it and coming up with new and better plot twists. Update as of 6/15: I’ve largely sorted out the edits and am proceeding with the story, to make sure there’s enough to work with before beginning to release chapters/ stand alone arcs.

I have notes and sketches for a lot of short pieces that I would like to flesh out and submit. I have a couple stories slogging around through various publications, so wish me luck! I intend to get at least a couple new things out, self published or professionally, in 2020.

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Read on, & stay safe out there!