I write, I read, I edit, I drink less coffee than I used to. I’m fond of good whiskey, dark beer, and sleeping.

I AM NOW OPEN TO EDITING JOBS. Anything under 150,000 words. Take a look at my client testimonials. Rate and procedure information is on the same page, further down.

Williamsburg Comic & Toy Show, March 16, 2019, at Retro Daddio of Williamsburg

RavenCon 2019

ConGregate 2019

AtomaCon 2019


Binging on Terry Pratchett. Damn, that man wrote a lot of books.


The Bone Witch Project (That working title is very tongue in cheek, yes): a world in which witchcraft is real…and recognized…and complicated. Suburban fantasty/alt-history/supernatural mashup.

Otherwise, life is still chaotic.

I’ve taken down my Patreon Creator page, because I just wasn’t able to support it properly. I’ll be moving that energy back onto this site instead.

I’m also overhauling Feeding The Muse to suit a paperback format. I plan on it being a simple comb-bound item. I haven’t set a deadline, but most of the work is already done, so…soon? Cover art for Feeding The Muse: Recipes For Authors, Recipes By Authors

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