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best convertible car seat

Once you select a convertible car seat, be sure to test out how well it fits in the backseat of your vehicle as soon as you get it. What's more, the Boulevard has a collision-resistant steel frame, anti-rebound bar (which prevents the seat from bouncing back after impact), V-shaped tether to minimize seat rotation and a double layer of protection on the sides. It then converts to a highback booster and finally a backless booster that pairs with your car’s seat belt until your child is up to 120 pounds and 57”. These convertible car seats will keep your child safe and comfy for years to come. Translation? (Some convertibles even turn into a booster seat for school-age kids.) This unique car seat has integrated wheels that pop out to turn it into a stroller and is best for parents who frequently need to put their car seat in different vehicles. The Extend2Fit is an affordable convertible car seat that’s a consistent favorite for three main reasons: a high rear-facing weight limit, easy installation and a great fit in almost any type of car. If you’re looking for a convertible car seat that will last you many years, the Graco 4Ever — a 2019 What to Expect winner — may be your best bet. “We have a Nuna Rava and absolutely love it,” writes What to Expect community member Kldaniel. With the aptly named Graco 4Ever, you’ll only need to buy one car seat for your child—which is why it's the best convertible car seat on the market. As the name implies, this car seat is designed to give you years of use — maybe even up to your child’s 10th birthday! Brilliant, right? The car seat also can switch from child to baby seat. “Our oldest uses [the Pria] and it’s great,” writes What to Expect community member Samuraijack. The cover can be snapped off and thrown in the washing machine. I love all the different positions you can recline the seat in. The best infant car seat on the market still cannot become a front-facing car seat at any time. There’s also an extendable leg rest (as the seat’s name implies) that gives kids an extra five inches of legroom to make extended rear-facing more comfortable. It has a high rear-facing limit of 50 pounds and an extendable calf rest that adds two extra inches of legroom for extra comfort. This is especially true when you’re shopping for a convertible car seat. This convertible car seat is also a good choice if you’re constantly moving baby's car seat between cars or in and out of taxis. The price depends on the finishing as well as the color. A convertible car seat, on the other hand, can start out as a rear-facing model and then provide at least one or two more years of service before becoming obsolete. As your little one grows, she'll benefit from adjustable leg room, 10 head support positions and a harness that doesn't need to be rethreaded. And a LATCH (that’s industry-speak for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) tightener makes it a cinch to buckle in baby securely every time. “We have the Clek Foonf and love it!” writes What to Expect community member Aleksa99. says What to Expect community member BabyDelilah80. Buying Options. This convertible car seat has a no-rethread harness, which means that the straps can be adjusted simply by raising or lowering the headrest (handy if you have a bigger or smaller child ocassionally borrowing the seat) and two built-in cup holders, perfect for drinks, snacks and toys. A convertible car seat converts from a rear-facing car seat to a front-facing position. Start your Babylist now. (The seat swivels to the side and eliminates the awkward reach that’s needed for standard rear-facing seats.) This Italian-made car seat features premium fabric, adjustable side-impact protection (SIP), shock-absorbing foam, and a contoured steel plate and pins in the back for added stability. In addition to its impressive safety features and easy installation process, the Clek Foonf is also surprisingly stylish. Bubble levels indicate when you’ve nailed the correct seat angle in rear-facing and forward-facing modes. There's even an indicator to let you know that you've installed the seat correctly. “Super comfy. Some parents use a convertible car seat from day one. Related: Best Convertible Car Seat For Tall Babies. Let our editors know! Weight limit: 5 to 50 pounds (rear-facing); 25 to 65 pounds (forward-facing), Height limit: 49 inches or less (rear- and forward-facing). Cup holder is attached. This is because convertible car seats aren’t nearly as portable (or as light) as infant seats. It’s super heavy but that makes me feel it’s safe. These are the best balance between safety, functionality, durability, style, and price. Convertible Car Seats. These days, safety experts recommend keeping children facing backwards for longer, and the affordable Graco Extend2Fit has a 50-pound weight limit for the rear-facing position (many comparable car seats go up to 40 pounds). It’s also important to … Expensive but worth every penny. View All Start Slideshow. The no-rethread harness makes changing the size of the headrest super easy.” -Katie R. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should ride in a rear-facing seat until they reach the highest weight or height limit allowed by their car seat manufacturer. A convertible seat starts in a rear-facing position for babies and toddlers and is then turned forward-facing as your child gets older. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat – Best Convertible Car Seat; Child car safety statistics to keep in mind. riding rear-facing is safer for babies and children, Rear facing: 5-40 lbs; forward-facing: 20-65 lbs and up to 49”, Rear facing: 4-40 lbs; forward-facing: 22-65 lbs and up to 52”; highback booster: 40-100 lbs and up to 57”; backless booster 40-120 lbs and up to 57”, Rear facing 4-50 lbs; forward facing 22-65 lbs and up to 49”, Rear facing: 5-50 lbs and up to 49”; forward-facing 25-65 lbs and up to 49”, Rear facing: 4-50 lbs; forward facing: 22-65 lbs and up to 49”, Rear facing: 14-50 lbs and 25-43”; forward facing: 22-65 lbs and up 30-49”, Rear facing: 5-40 lbs and 19-40”; forward facing: 22-65 lbs and 29-52”; belt-positioning booster: 40-100 lbs and up to 52”, Rear facing: 5-45 lbs; forward facing 20-65 lbs; converts to a booster for children from 50-120 lbs and 57”, High sides make it tricky to get kids in and out, Lighter weight than many similar all-in-ones, Can be used from birth, converts to booster, First (and only) 360° rotating car seat in the US, Sensor alerts you if child is unbuckled or left in car. The educational health content on What To Expect is reviewed by our medical review board and team of experts to be up-to-date and in line with the latest evidence-based medical information and accepted health guidelines, including the medically reviewed What to Expect books by Heidi Murkoff. ", Weight limit: 5 to 50 pounds (rear-facing); 22 to 65 pounds (forward-facing), Height limit: Head must be one inch below handle (rear-facing); 49 inches or less (forward-facing). There isn’t much to dislike about this innovative seat, but it is worth pointing out that it’s pricey and on the bulkier side due to the swiveling base. There’s no getting around the fact that the foonf is a beast; it’s not a seat you’re going to want to be taking in and out of your car a lot. The seat is durable and easy to use and clean.” -C.W. Some parents don’t like that the headrest on this car seat doesn’t go as high up as other brands. I would definitely purchase it again.". Even, it can switch to … Easiest Convertible Car Seat to Install : Britax Boulevard ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar Convertible Car Seat, Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat. Infants sit in rear facing car seats. 1. The long-term stroller you've chosen is suitable from birth. And despite the seat’s incredible features, it’s actually on the slimmer side—you can fit three across in a back seat. When they get a little older and heavier, they are able to sit facing forward. It transitions from infant rear-facing to toddler rear-facing, then toddler front-facing to child front-facing and finally transforms into a booster seat for children up to 120 pounds. It’s very comfortable for my daughter and also narrow, plus you never have to buy another one for the rest of your child’s car-seat years.” -Maggie N. Rotating car seats—seats that swivel from rear- to forward-facing with the touch of a button—are fairly common across Europe but have never been available in the US. It also tends to fit all ages of kids really well, from smaller newborn to school-aged kiddos. To pack in all that flexibility, a convertible car seat will be heavier and larger than an infant car seat — meaning you likely won’t be taking it in and out of the car, even when your little one is sleeping soundly after a drive. Unlike infant car seats that are installed directly into a base and are designed to click in and out of your car for easy portability, convertible seats are installed directly into your vehicle using either the car’s LATCH system or seat belt. This product is an affordable convertible car seat that has some of the best results in crash tests and allows your baby in the rear-facing position for longer. ; Save money – While a convertible can cost more than a baby seat or booster seat, it usually costs a lot less than buying multiple seats as your child grows. The 50-pound weight limit means that kids can stay rear-facing for longer than many other convertible seats. The Magellan is designed to be as comfortable as possible for your child every step of the way. And while parents love the Graco 4Ever for its versatility, younger users will adore this convertible car seat for its cup holders (one on each side for snacks and sippies). You own a car and park at your home, and in general don't mind having a car seat that can't be easily popped in and out of the car. ", Weight limit: 14 to 50 pounds (rear-facing); 22 to 65 pounds (forward-facing), Height limit: 25 to 43 inches (rear-facing); 30 to 49 inches (forward-facing). Below are the best car seats for toddlers based on the votes of more than 3,000 Pampers Parents. This seat is also not a great choice if you plan to forward-face your child before they reach 40 pounds thanks to a strange rule that requires the seat to be at a specific incline setting, resulting in an install that’s almost impossible to get right. It’s made with a steel alloy frame, aluminum reinforced sidewalls, energy-absorbing EPS foam and a reinforced adjustable head support that has 12 positions. The good news is all car seats must meet the same government safety standards, but some car seats come with extra goodies or can be used for longer. Infant car seats install rear-facing only, and are best for babies up to a year old and weighing between 4 and 40 pounds. He doesn’t get hot in it during the warmer months. Just so you know, What to Expect may earn commissions from shopping links. But there will certainly be days when you’re feeling off your game (hello, sleep deprivation!). The Maxi-Cosi Magellan is a 5-in-1 — yes, that's right, 5-in-1 — convertible car seat that fits newborns as tiny as 5 pounds and bigger kids up to 120 pounds. We have the Zip version and it makes washing the seat so easy.”, Weight limit: 12 to 40 pounds (rear-facing); 22 to 65 pounds (forward-facing), Height limit: 43 inches (rear-facing); 49 inches (forward-facing). Choosing the right car seat for your baby or toddler is a big decision. Some questions to consider once you place the seat in your car include: Any issues that arise can be addressed by choosing a different car seat model. Enter the Sirona S: the first rotating car seat to hit the US market. You won't just be using it on your trip home from the hospital, you could be using this convertible car seat for nearly a decade of baby's life. The NextFit Max has a “Super Cinch” strap, which makes installing using the LATCH system easy (no tug-of-war with straps and seats). This educational content is not medical or diagnostic advice. Car seat deals for Cyber Monday, featuring the latest convertible car seat, infant car seat, boosters & more sales. ), but that’s exactly what makes the decision all the more important—this seat’s going to be around for a long time, and you want to make sure you make the right choice. You're going to nail this whole parenting thing. The Nuna RAVA is beautifully designed and packed with thoughtful features for optimum safety and ease of use. Installation with your car’s seat belt (Nuna’s preferred method) is really easy, and there’s also retractable cup holders, a no rethread harness and breathable knit fabric with ventilation panels. Parents are thrilled with it as well. Budget buy: Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat. “It’s super easy to unzip and wash the cover of the car seat. “I have Chicco Nextfit and we love it. We also love that you don’t have to reinstall the seat when it’s time to make the rear- to forward-facing switch. Still, that lack of portability may be worth it to you for the value and convenience you get in return. Best Convertible Car Seat For Small Cars have some benefits, including:. Your baby tends to ride only in your car, versus, say, a parent or babysitter who drives him around regularly. The Britax Marathon ClickTight is safer and easier to install than any other car seat we could find. So, if you get a convertible car seat, you won’t have to buy another one when your child switches from facing backward to facing forward. Shop convertible car seats at Best Buy and find the right model to keep your child safe and comfortable for years. 8 Best Convertible Car Seats 2020 By Jessica Hartshorn December 03, 2018 Skip gallery slides. “Love how you can use it as they grow! The built-in cup holder, which can be flipped up for sippy cup storage or folded down for more space on the side of the car seat. This last feature is something that What to Expect community parent Acabq appreciates. This narrow seat fits three across a back seat, a big plus if you have children close in age or do a lot of carpooling with other families. “Built like a tank” is probably the most common thing parents note about the iconic Clek foonf convertible car seat—and that’s exactly what they love about it. You love the idea of not needing to upgrade your car seat during the haze that is the first year of parenting. Two layers of side-impact protection, a durable steel frame and an impact-absorbing base that compresses to reduce the force of a collision are just a few of the safety extras we love about the Boulevard. Plus, since it's a no-rethread harness, it's very easy to adjust the straps.”, Weight limit: 5 to 40 pounds (rear-facing); 20 to 65 pounds (forward-facing). Most convertible seats are heavy and bulky and definitely can’t be carried around like an infant seat. “We bought the Cosco Serena Next for travel,” What to Expect community member Goodenough84 writes. Lots of parents choose this as an affordable secondary car seat for a caregiver or grandparent’s car too. See More Reviews. You can read more about this here.) It is a car seat that comes into 4 changeable positions. These convertible car seats keep your child safe and comfy for years to come. We also love how easy it is to install—you know when the harness is just right thanks to a trusty click sound it makes when it’s been properly tightened. Check Latest Price. A convertible car seat is a car seat that can be used with children of various sizes and can change from a rear-facing to a forward-facing seat. The NextFit convertible seat has very high sides. That's thanks to the car seat's four-in-one design. Britax’s One4Life convertible car seat – like several other of the best convertible car seats – can be used from birth until your child can use a regular seatbelt. The best convertible car seat. The foonf is built for extended rear-facing for up to 50 pounds and has a nine-year lifespan. It features everything from a steel and magnesium substructure and two layers of energy-absorbing foam for side-impact protection to an anti-rebound and an aluminum crumple zone in the base to absorb energy in case of a crash. Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat, Infant to Toddler Car Seat. The headrest, which has six height positions, and the harness, which adjusts automatically. According to the CDC, one of the leading causes of child injury are motor vehicle crashes. Give yourself enough time and patience, and you can make sure all your travelers—big and small—have a comfy ride. It also has 14 headrest positions, so you won’t have to struggle with the dreaded rethreading when your child gets to the next level. It can be tough to get a good one, so be sure to pay special attention to your instruction manual and watch some installation videos. It allows extended rear-facing from 5 to 40 pounds. From rear-facing harness to forward-facing harness, to highback belt-positioning booster, and backless belt-positioning booster. Safety 1st Grow & Go – Best Convertible Car Seat With Cup Holder. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a convertible car seat: For more tips about car seats, check our How to Choose a Car Seat guide. Stylish splurge: Nuna RAVA Convertible Car Seat. Other features that will make everything easier over the years? Whether you’re taking a quick trip to the playground or embarking on an epic cross-country drive, the last thing you want is to be worried about your baby while you’re behind the wheel. “We have a Graco4ever for both kiddos and love it!” says What to Expect community member pdxmama_. Your backseat will most likely only fit the Boulevard and one other person or car seat. “Easy to install and switch cars. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat. I love that it will fit him for the length of his car seat-sitting days, which makes this the economical choice. Testing for the best convertible car seats of 2020 starts by purchasing two units of each product, one for crash testing with MGA, and another for extensive testing with over 200 hours of abuse and observations on seats from real-world parents and our in-house testers. It’s weight range is: 5-40 pounds for rear-facing position. It’s also a very long seat, which may be a concern if you have a sedan or smaller car. It has a very simple shoulder strap change and backrest. The fabric should be soft, breathable, and aesthetically pleasing. It’s easy to clean, and my 39” daughter is still comfortably rear facing.” -Emily G. One car seat that works from birth to the big kid years? Plus, it is super comfy.” -Victoria. "It fits nicely in the back seat, the material is breathable and little one doesn't get crazy sweaty, she's so comfy and doesn't fight me when I'm loading her in. The best convertible car seats for travel have higher rear-facing weight limits that will permit children to ride rear-facing for at least two years. And the best part, it’s incredibly easy to pull the cover off and it’s machine-washable!”, Weight limit: 14 to 40 pounds (rear-facing); 22 to 85 pounds (forward-facing), Height limit: 40 inches or less (rear-facing); 29 to 52 inches (forward-facing). Convertible car seats attach to the car using either a LATCH (lower anchors and tethers for children) system, which is part of your car, a seatbelt or a combination of the two. Car seat techs we spoke to about this seat have one major complaint: installation. We asked thousands of Babylist parents about what convertible car seats they loved and why. A convertible car seat can change to adapt to your growing baby’s needs. The easier this is, the more likely you are to keep your kiddo rear-facing (and safer) even longer. Safety is the standout feature of this popular convertible car seat from Britax. Worked like a charm.”. The RXT can be used starting at birth and eventually converts to a big-kid booster. What to Expect community member MrsPink77 made this upgrade and recommends it. Do you think this content is helpful? We travel (airplane) with it, our kids are growing with it and it checks all the boxes. Parents appreciate the clever design: Recline guides and a color-coded seat belt path make it a snap to install. Editor's Pick: Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat. When they hit the maximum limits for rear-facing, the seat turns forward and works from 22 to 65 pounds. The Cybex Sirona M—which earned a Best of Baby 2018 award from The Bump for best convertible car seat—is currently the only car seat on the market to incorporate the latest iteration of SensorSafe technology, making it one of the safest (and most high-tech) options available right now. $280 * … Since the seat can sit almost upright when rear-facing, it allows for taller parents or those with smaller cars to still get a good fit. “I love this car seat! Pro: Convertible car seats will always have the advantage of being convertible. We have three!” -Val. From an extremely reputable brand within the industry is this convertible car seat that can … The Best Convertible Car Seat. This Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 convertible car seat keeps tiny occupants safe — and comfortable, too. And although the Graco 4Ever seems to be a popular choice among parents, lots of car seat experts also love a different all-in-one seat: the Britax One4Life. When it comes to spills, they're no problem. Britax Allegiance 3 Stage Convertible Car Seat | 1 Layer Impact Protection - Rear & Forward Facing - 5 to 65 Pounds, Azul 4.7 out of 5 stars 804 $189.99 - $282.12 That’s because its generous padding is upholstered in a fabric that wicks away moisture, a huge plus in warm weather when baby’s back can work up quite a sweat on even the shortest adventures. It’s a great car seat. A convertible car seat is a car seat that can be used as both a rear-facing and forward-facing positions. The Maxi-Cosi Pria 3-In-1 Convertible Car Seat, for example, has easy-to … Save Pin. The harness is simple to buckle and secure. This 4-in-1 seat does it all, starting as a rear-facing harness and adapting to every stage of your child’s growth.. “Love the no-rethread harness and how easy install is with ClickTight. And nine recline positions allow this seat to fit in a wider range of cars. While some people don’t find this to be an issue, others do, especially older caregivers who may not have the strength to lift a child easily in and out of the seat. Rest assured we’ve researched the entire market place and have handpicked on the best and most reliable top 5 car seats suitable for grandparents. The Grow and Go works as a rear-facing, forward-facing and eventually a belt-positioning booster seat. That way, if it ends up not working out you can exchange it and get a new one installed before your baby arrives. For a lighter and cheaper option, check out the Clek fllo. Convertible seats last for years, which is great (yay for less baby gear! If you do opt for a convertible car seat from day one and your little one will be frequently riding in more than one vehicle, we recommend purchasing a convertible seat for each car as these seats frequently take a bit of time to install. Fabric: Of course, you want to check for fabric quality. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying a convertible car seat: Luckily, there are many great models to choose from. The headrest has 14 positions, so it's always in the correct spot for your child's height. What’s so great about a swiveling seat? © 2020 Everyday Health, Inc, Available at Buy Buy Baby starting at $270, Available at PishPosh Baby starting at $270. Other features to brag about here include lots of safety features including a load leg for added safety and stability, a smart-tech harness clip with a built-in sensor that alerts you if your child becomes unbuckled or the car temperature gets too warm, 12 recline positions, magnetic seat buckles and so much more. The 4Ever doesn’t fit newborns very well, and some parents find it difficult to install. “Great safety features and it can rear face until four—comfortably! The no-rethread harness is easy to adjust and has 10 positions that grow with your kiddo. Find advice, support, and good company (and some stuff just for fun). So many things. You can install it as a rear-facing car seat for your newborn through age 2 (or longer, if they haven’t reached the height and weight limit), then you can turn it around when your toddler is big enough to face forward. Do you feel confident that you’ve properly installed it? There are also less recline positions than lots of other seats. Plus, a patented True Tension system ensures that even wiggly babies will be buckled in securely. Once you flip the seat to the forward-facing position, it's safe to use all the way up to 65 pounds. Another all-in-one option on our list is this Grow & Go seat by Safety 1st. Weight limit: 5 to 40 pounds (rear-facing); 22 to 65 pounds (forward-facing); 40 to 120 pounds (booster seat), Height limit: 40 inches or less (rear-facing); 29 to 49 inches (forward-facing); 43 to 57 inches (booster seat). The good news: The NHTSA reports that 325 children under the age of 5 were helped kept safe with the use of car seats; You certainly don’t have to spend a lot on great baby gear, but if you can swing a more expensive convertible car seat, the Nuna RAVA is a great choice. You’ll need a convertible car seat at some point—it’s just a matter of when. This convertible car seat is perfect for both newborns and growing toddlers. This seat also is on the bulkier side and may not be the right choice for smaller cars. It’s definitely possible to get a safe, all-in-one convertible car seat at a great price. The Graco 4Ever starts out as a rear-facing seat that can be used when your baby is just four pounds. The Diono Radian car seat is most well-known for its slim profile. “It will last us several years, it is extremely safe and was very easy to install.” -Robin. List of The Best Convertible Car Seats Reviews: 10. The seat can transform from a rear-facing infant car seat (from 4 to 40 pounds) to a forward-facing toddler car seat (from 20 to 65 pounds), high-back booster seat (from 30 to 100 pounds) and backless booster seat (from 40 to 120 pounds). All those extra safety features mean extra weight, so this isn’t the seat you want to lug from car to car. Until now! reviewed by our medical review board and team of experts. Parents love the Britax Boulevard convertible car seat in part because its ClickTight system — you will literally hear the seat click when it’s in place — makes installation super easy. There is a catch. Others choose to use an infant car seat initially and then transition over to a convertible car seat when their little one has reached the seat’s height or weight maximum, usually around their first birthday. It’s also a really heavy convertible car seat. The freshest in parenting this week, delivered to your inbox, Babylist’s Best Convertible Car Seat Picks. What we love the most is how easy it is to get your little one in and out of this seat, especially when it’s rear-facing. Car seat experts say it can be tough to get a good fit for newborns. There's also a pull-out leg rest (called an extension panel) for kids who are rear-facing to help keep them comfortable. There’s a reason the Cosco Scenera NEXT is so affordable — there are few bells and whistles on this convertible car seat. Use of this site is subject to our terms of use and privacy policy. Your registry should be as unique as you are. "I LOVE it!" 1. A bubble window tells you when you’ve installed the seat at the optimal angle, whether it's in a front- or rear-facing position. With its low price tag, the Cosco Scenera NEXT is also an ideal back-up car seat for grandparents’ or nanny’s car. Once your baby reaches a certain size, you can transition the seat so your child faces forward. “It is heavy but super easy to install! But here goes. More. It’s not often that you can describe a car seat (most likely covered in Cheerios) as chic. See More Reviews. If not. If the idea of shopping for a new car seat after just a year or two sounds expensive (or exhausting), you might want to skip the infant car seat and look into buying a convertible car seat right away. Other great features include a six-position recline, 10-position no-rethread harness and two attached cup holders. I love the material of the seat, it’s soft and smooth.” -Lori L. Babylist is a free, all-in-one baby registry that lets you add any item from any store, as well as things like help, favors and cash funds. While some parents complain that it’s a little tough to get a tight fit, others rave about the advantages the streamlined and wallet-friendly design provides. The foonf is packed with safety extras. Why trust our product recommendations? Versatility – Some models can evolve with your child from the time he leaves the hospital as a newborn until he no longer needs a child safety seat. Weight limit: 5 to 40 pounds (rear-facing); 22 to 40 pounds (forward-facing), Height limit: 19 to 40 inches (rear-facing); 29 to 43 inches (forward-facing). It’s also a high seat, so if you’re on the shorter side, it may obstruct your view out whichever back window it’s installed near. What Should You Look for in a Convertible Car Seat? Yes, please. We also consulted our own team of Babylist experts and a Child Passenger Safety technician (CPST) to make our best convertible car seat picks so you have everything you need to make an informed decision. And the Grow and Go can be difficult to install, so watching a few videos on how to do it might help. Here, our top picks for the best convertible car seats of 2020. Are you able to easily adjust the harness straps from the rear-facing position? Best convertible car seats. This car seat allows plenty of extra space in the back of your car for other car seats to be installed or extra passengers. The design incorporates a crash-resistant steel frame and anti-rebound bar, but it's a slim 17 inches wide. If you’re willing to spend a little extra for the Chicco NextFit Zip model — which comes with a detachable, zip-off seat pad — clean up will be even easier, too. Very easy to install and tighten. “I’ve used this car seat since we brought my little 6 lb son home from the hospital! With a higher rear-facing weight limit (50 pounds) and 25% more legroom than other Chicco seats, this seat allows for rear-facing longer than many other convertible seats, a huge plus. The best convertible car seat may offer throughout the US for about $200-$300. Designed to ensure that your child rides safely and comfortably in the car alongside you, this convertible car seat features a 6-position recline to suit various toddlers and infants. The bonus? That’s great news for parents of multiples or children of different ages — you should be able to fit more than one of these convertible car seats across most backseats. (It’s usually fine in most SUVs though.). It has three recline positions, two cup holders and a seat pad that snaps on and off for when you need to throw it in the wash. You can easily adjust the harness and headrest in one step, and built-in harness holders keep annoying straps from getting in the way when you’re trying to pull your little one out of the car seat. Another perk little fans adore? Please whitelist our site to get all the best deals and offers from our partners. Install is easy using either LATCH or your vehicle’s seat belt, and the seat’s fabrics are Greenguard Gold certified. The seat’s cup holders are required to be attached, making the seat on the wider side and not a great choice if you’re looking for more room in your back seat or need to install three seats across. Each seat is a convertible seat, so you can adjust the direction it faces as your little one grows. These are Babylist’s picks for the best convertible car seats. A convertible car seat can take you from day one through the preschool years and beyond. The best convertible car seats have Consumer Reports' highest Overall Scores and offer balanced performance in fit-to-vehicle, ease-of-use, and crash-performance tests. Forward-facing from 22 to 65 pounds, and belt-positioning booster mode from 40 to 100 pounds. Many parents surveyed say this seat gives front-seat passengers more legroom, which is especially important for a taller parent who doesn’t enjoy being crunched up in the front seat. (Keep in mind that using LATCH to install a car seat is predicated on meeting certain weight limits. A zip-off seat pad you can throw in the washing machine a diaper blowout or a car-sick kiddo. It also grows with your little one from birth to about ten years old and features a host of strong safety features as well as an easy install. Once you exceed those limits, you’ll need to switch over to using your car’s seat belt for installation. Buy on Amazon. Graco offers four main varieties of car seats: infant car seats, travel systems, convertible car seats, and booster car seats. Installation was very easy and it feels secure and sturdy. Most Splurgeworthy Convertible Car Seat : Best Convertible Car Seat for Rear-Facing Toddlers : Just so you know, What to Expect may earn commissions from shopping links. “Fits well in our small car and has plenty of room for them to grow into, no need to buy a booster later.”, Weight limit: 4 to 40 pounds (rear-facing); 22 to 65 pounds (forward-facing); 30 to 100 pounds (highback belt-positioning booster); 40 to 120 pounds (backless belt-positioning booster), Height limit: From head reaching 1 inch below handle in rear-facing to 57 inches tall for booster (varies depending on carseat position). And it’s expensive. Britax Boulevard ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar Convertible Car Seat Here are the best convertible car seats of 2020. The Graco Slim Fit 3 in 1 convertible car seat saves a ton of space in your back seat making it the perfect option for small car owners or parents who want to avoid the bigger and bulkier car seats. So you may appreciate having a foolproof convertible car seat like the Chicco NextFit, another 2019 What to Expect winner. It also features not one but two cup holders, so your little one can have a snack or toy within arm's reach (meaning a smoother ride for everyone else in the car).

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