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computer engineering vs mechanical engineering salary

How much does a Mechanical Engineer V make in the United States? Computer Hardware Engineers. If you have a knack for science and math, either mechanical engineering or computer programming could satisfy you on the job. Knowing what you’ll be doing day in and day out is important, but the practical side of you also needs to know more about the strength of these career fields. Water transportation paid $95,800 on average. (See Reference 6). Posted on August 17, 2020 August 17, 2020 by Himanshu. A service and maintenance engineer works to maintain and check the machinery or tools. They might draw up plans for a new hip-replacement joint, build satellites or create wind turbines or solar panels. Computer engineering (CE) is a section of engineering that deal with elements of computer science and electrical engineering. The most opportunities will be in transportation manufacturing, green energy and nanotechnology. Mechanical vs Manufacturing Engineering Education Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering: Unlike computer science, mechanical engineering doesn’t require any computation work or assistance. states that the median salary for manufacturing engineers is from $42,444 – $84,634 every year.. Computer hardware engineer research, develop and test hardware or computer equipment including chip-set, mainboard… etc. Being a lecturer or professor after graduation in mechanical engineering, you can expect anywhere from 4 to 7 lakh Indian rupees. I am almost 25 and have been taking community college courses for roughly two years now. Computer science and Information Technology are both the most popular and prominent career fields, especially these days to the next years. 7 Colorado is also impressive. But like most of the 12th pass-out students, you also have confusion between these two; then congrats, this whole post was all about you. One of the main reasons is the decent career prospects that these courses offer. Colorado experienced the biggest increase in average wages for mechanical engineers … The initial qualification that you need to become a mechanical engineer is to obtain your undergraduate degree from a course accredited by the ABET, the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Mechanical engineers design new devices or materials for countless uses in areas ranging from medicine to aerospace. Therefore, if you are pursuing the computer science field, you must follow two rules; the first is learning everything and following the theoretical part of education. Mechanical engineers plan, design, research and test new machines, equipment and devices used by households and businesses. However, mechanical engineering also includes the designing of machines and tools that come in use. A project manager manages the big small machinery or tool development projects in both private and government branches. That’s because programmers typically need less education to land their first job. This job post requires the knowledge of programming languages, database management, other computation devices related knowledge, and system automation. A project manager is also quite a great job post after mechanical engineering graduation. If you are interested in any industry that requires machine learning or tool formation, you should definitely consider mechanical engineering as your major career path. But they are completely different careers. Though the demand for computer software should jump, competition from programmers in countries with lower wages will curb job gains in the United States, says the BLS. Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering are both very popular, in-demand, and secure career paths. Along with this, we have also talked about the job post and average salary after graduation that a candidate can get. Visit PayScale to research mechanical engineering technologist salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. This is much higher than the median salary for all American workers at $37,600. This is the average yearly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Job Title Educational Requirements Median Salary (2019)* Job Outlook (2018-2028)* Chemical Engineers : Bachelor's degree : $108,770 : 6%: Mechanical Engineers Eleven percent had some college, but no degree, while 6 percent had a high school diploma. Mechanical engineers who want top dollar should go to work for businesses in oil and gas extraction, where the average annual wage was $128,650 as of 2012, according to the BLS. in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. "This … The second rule is to apply or implement everything that you have learned, and believe it or not, implementing the things can make you a better computer scientist. The Average Salary of a Carpenter, Welder and Auto Mechanic. But the best part is that mechanical engineers can easily get a job in the government company or branch, making it a very secure job post. After completing graduation, you can easily expect a computer programmer’s job with around 5 to 6 lakh Indian rupees per annum. MEs with training in the latest design software will also have an advantage. Yes, you are right – a… A candidate/student of computer science learns how everything works on computers, like the actions, inputs, and outputs. Alaska is the No. Mechanical vs Biomedical Engineering Careers Mechanical Engineering. Because they need a little more education, mechanical engineers have the edge in pay. You'll need varying levels of education to enter either field, though the skills sets, pay and job outlook are all similar. Today’s we talk about Computer Science vs Mechanical Engineering. A Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering can help professionals seize … Students who were quite good at mathematics and physics during high school graduation are very qualified plus suitable ones for mechanical engineering. Besides a computer programmer, you can also apply for the job post, a system designer. The average computer hardware engineer salary is $112,760 per year.. Undoubtedly, computer science is the most demanded but high competition career field. When you apply for a software developer job title, you can easily expect a salary of around 6 to 8 lakh per annum. The Pay Differential Between IT Help Desk Jobs & IT Programmer Jobs, Computer-Related Jobs That Don't Require College Degrees, The Average Salary of a Computer Server Engineer. Understanding the difference between mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering technology can help you decide which exciting career pathway might better match your interests, abilities and goals. Some background: I'm going to be graduating in 2014 with a B.S. In 2012, the average starting salary offered to Rose-Hulman computer science grads was $76,368 and software engineering grads was $71,930. Math skills are also essential. O*Net Online: Summary Report for Computer Programmers, O*Net Online: Summary Report for Mechanical Engineers, Weber State University: Computer Science Associate of Applied Science Degree, Des Moines Area Community College: Basic Skills in the Program and on the Job. Hey, r/computerscience. All the universities and institutions that teach the syllabus or courses related to computer science only teaches how all the things work in computers and other computing devices. Oregon State University: What Do Mechanical Engineers Do? Besides having good knowledge about any particular subject, you must be good at teaching something to students. Mechanical Engineer salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. Now, you know mechanical engineering is a perfect option for those students who want to pursue their career in machinery. If you are more interested in a hands-on career and designing machines, you may like working as a mechanical engineering technician. The national average salary for a Mechanical Engineer/Quality Engineer is $68,546 in United States. Mid-career pay: $124,500. But there’s one skill set that’s more important in programming: computer capabilities. To be able to good at accounting and engineering, you need to be a person who is detail-oriented, loves numbers and can be creative enough think beyond the general conception of theories. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2012-Mechanical Engineers, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2012-Computer Programmers, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Job Outlook. I'm deciding between computer, electrical, or mechanical. After completing 12th or high school, many students think of making their careers in the field of computer science or mechanical engineering. And if you were good at mathematics and physics and had an intense interest in machinery, then pursuing a career in the mechanical engineering field would be the right choice for you. Z e r o X 182 replies 13 threads Junior Member. Along with this, if you get a government job in mechanical engineering, that works like icing on the cake. I am at the point where I now need to decide on a major. Neither profession will set the world on fire with growth rates. March 2005. They’re both science-oriented jobs, but that’s about all mechanical engineering and computer programming have in common as far as job description. Computer programmers made a median of $74,280. So far I have a 4.0 GPA and although that might change in the next semesters, I will still have a fairly decent GPA come graduation time. Both need logic and analytical skills to solve problems. In our last post we talk about Mechanical (Production, Maintenance, Design, Quality) Which is … Stony Brook University: Who Makes a Good Mechanical Engineer? I just wanted to get some insight or personal anecdotes from you guys regarding a dilemma I am currently facing. (See Reference 4) To become a computer programmer, you can begin with an associate degree, taking courses in programming basics, network design, computer architecture, project management and math. Job Opportunities As A Mechanical Engineer: ITI Welder Course: Details, Eligibility, Fees, and Career, How To Join ISRO? You must know programming languages for being a software developer, but you must master any specific programming language with the database or back-end management. If you want to take your education to the next level, you can also go for a master’s degree in this field, which is another great option. And if you loved what you learned throughout the graduation years in the mechanical engineering institute or universities, you can also apply for a lecturer or professor position. Replies to: Computer Engineer vs Mechanical Engineer #1. And the universities or institutions train the students to solve and assist in the section of machinery or tools. Jobs will be more scarce for mechanical engineers. Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering With salaries and workforce demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) graduates at an all-time high, two red-hot majors that prospective students must be familiar with are Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Right now I'm leaning toward electrical or computer because their salary is higher. The average Mechanical Engineer V salary in the United States is $142,208 as of October 28, 2020, but the range typically falls between $129,936 and $154,473.Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. If you have any confusion about computer science, and you want to know what computer science means. Stock and commodities brokers also paid above-average wages, at $100,740. And the universities or institutions train the students to solve and assist in the section of machinery or tools. Mechanical Engineer Pay. The universities and institutions would show the major subjects in front of you, such as programming, electronics, physics, mathematics, and other engineering electives. Numbers from the U.S. Department of Labor show that 78 percent of programmers had a bachelor’s degree as of 2012. Talking about a project manager’s salary after graduation of mechanical engineering, it could be anywhere between 8 to 10 lakh Indian rupees per annum. The most popular but starting job post in the mechanical engineering field is the service and maintenance engineer. The demand for computer engineers is growing faster than for mechanical engineers, with the BLS projecting a 6% increase in positions between 2018 and 2028. In short, it is a future proof career field to pursue, and because of the high demand, you can expect to get a decent paying job too. In that case, he/she should definitely pursue a career in mechanical engineering. This is another big fish in salary scale region for mechanical engineers. Computer scientists with graduate degrees can earn an average of $8,000 to $10,000 more in starting salary compared to computer scientists with a bachelor’s degree according to David Kealthy, a computer science and engineering professor at the University of North Texas. Starting salary: $74,700. But this thing also indicates the demand for computer scientists and engineers in the market right now. Now let’s talk about some of the reasons you should pursue computer science as a 12th or high school pass out student. How Much Does a Computer Scientist Get Paid? And the best part is that a student who got decent marks and he/she is good at mathematics then he/she can easily pursue in the field of computer science. Here, the salary is strictly based on level of experience and rank. Other high-paying fields included audio-visual equipment makers, at $110,170, and waste management, at $99,510. B.Tech CSE vs Mechanical - B.Tech Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering are the top preferred branches in engineering. And surprisingly, this happens with many students every year, primarily because of the lack of knowledge and guidance about these two career fields. Computer Science Vs Mechanical Engineering, Salary, Govt Jobs, Business, Comparison. They compete with the oil and gas industry in terms of pay and in fact, some few aerospace companies pay mechanical engineers better. Talking about a service and maintenance engineer’s salary so that it could be anywhere between 5 lakh to 6 lakh. Salaries range from 61,200 CAD (lowest) to 180,000 CAD (highest).. Find average salaries, wage rates and salary information for a variety of architecture and engineering careers. The median annual ME salary as of 2012 was $80,580, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If this is the case, you only have to do one thing, and it is to break down the term ‘Computer Science’ and then come to know everything about it. Why should you choose Mechanical Engineering as your main career path? Working in either field requires many of the same skills. These were some of the job posts you can apply for after graduation, and there is one thing clear that the demand for a mechanical engineer is always high because of the continuously expanding industry. The demand for a mechanical engineer is on a higher side; it is only because all the industries usually require mechanical engineering. For the vast majority of engineering technician jobs, regardless of specialty, a 2-year associate's degree in engineering technology is sufficient. If you are thinking of starting your own business in the future, you can also use the knowledge taught by universities related to computer science. Therefore, the scope of getting a job as a mechanical engineer is way higher than other career paths. The median salary for a computer hardware engineer is $117,220¹. 1 state for mechanical engineer salaries, but No. In 2018, mechanical engineers received an average yearly wage of $87,370, over double the median pay for all other professions. They also maintain existing programs. But if you are highly interested in knowing the major differences between computer science and mechanical engineering, then congrats, this post will be all about you. If you have a computer science engineer degree, then both in private and government sectors, you can expect a 5 lakh annum of starting salary. Hi guys. Software Developers, Systems Software. Programmers need some familiarity with computer languages before they even set foot in a college classroom. I have the same question. If you have a master’s degree and apply for the senior engineer’s post, you can expect a salary of anywhere between 7 to 14 lakh Indian rupees per annum. So, let’s break down this term for simplifying it and understand it in a simple form. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Why should you choose Computer Science as your main career path? You can choose any of the subjects mentioned above as your major subject so that you can master it. One other reason is that the mechanical engineer’s starting salary is way higher than other job posts; not only this, but it increases with the experience level a candidate has. Eligibility, Exam, Syllabus, …, How To Join National Defence Academy [NDA]: …. While having great career opportunities, a mechanical engineering career also offers outstanding salaries. They ensure that their hardware work properly with the latest software technology. One of the most demanded job posts in a computer science’s career is the Computer Programmer. The median annual salary for mechanical engineers was $84,190 in 2016. The Difference Between Mechanical Engineers & Computer Programmers. For programmers, animal slaughtering and processing paid the most, at an annual average of $113,760. Mechanical engineers invent new products, while computer programmers use electronic languages to write new software. The BLS forecasts job growth of 9 percent through 2020. (See Reference 3) Among mechanical engineers, an associate degree was the lowest educational level achieved, while 29 percent had a master’s degree. … In this section, we will discuss the perspective of these two careers so that you can get a glimpse of what to expect from each of them.Ask any businessman, who they depend upon most? For being a senior engineer, you must have a master’s degree with problem-solving skills and creative thinking. Filter by location to see Mechanical Engineer/Quality Engineer salaries in your area. Besides these job posts, you can also apply or look for other job posts such as System Database Administration, Engineering Support Specialist, Computer Operator, Research Analyst, Data Warehouse Analyst, etc. The fields also varied in the sectors that offered the best wages. But beyond their technical bent, the two can be quite different. Unlike computer science, mechanical engineering doesn’t require any computation work or assistance. After they write code, programmers test their work. Computer Engineering. The average salary for a Mechanical Engineer in South Africa is R356,426. Programmers typically use more basic math, such as simple algebra or financial calculations, while mechanical engineers often work with complex math equations. If you are thinking of helping startups or businesses grow in the market in this digital era, pursuing the computer science field would be an appropriate choice for you. Salary estimates are based on 8,243 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Mechanical Engineer/Quality Engineer … Prospects should be best for programmers with a bachelor’s degree, or those who understand several computer languages. And suppose a 12th or high school pass-out student has an intense interest in the machine learning or machine industry. Computer science vs. engineering: Salary and job outlook The list of job titles shows the variety of careers available in the fields of computer science and engineering. Mechanical Engineers in Aerospace Industries . Chemical Engineering. Mostly the courses or syllabus contains theoretical content, and the implementation thing always depends upon the student. Programmers, on the other hand, write detailed instructions in electronic languages or codes to help computers complete operations. A person working as a Mechanical Engineer in Canada typically earns around 118,000 CAD per year. Every year, the number of applicants aspiring to get admission in any of these courses has been increasing. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Jobs for programmers should increase 12 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is close to the 14 percent average for all jobs, according to the BLS. Mechanical Engineering vs Computer Science. Here we have discussed the difference between computer science and mechanical engineering and which one is perfect for you. Instead, whoever pursues mechanical engineering gets knowledge about various machines and tools. Instead, whoever pursues mechanical engineering gets knowledge about various machines and tools. If you want to start your career quickly, computer programming may be the way to go. This is a relatively new field of engineering and some… But beyond their technical bent, the two can be quite different. Both professionals need great communications skills, because they have to be able to discuss projects in writing and verbally with other members of their team. Visit PayScale to research mechanical engineer salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. Below we will be covering every single point that a high school graduate student must know before choosing any career path between these two. This income is just above that of civil engineers, but well below electrical engineers. Overall, the average pay for a hardware engineer is 5% higher than for a software engineer. Average salary: $74,700. As a system designer, you can easily expect a yearly salary of more than 5 lakh, and it might go up to 7 lakh per annum as well. What Skills Are Required to Be a Carpenter? If you have a knack for science and math, either mechanical engineering or computer programming could satisfy you on the job. The median annual salary for all engineers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $79,100. The average salary for a Mechanical Engineering Technologist is $64,451. It is an engineering discipline that seeks to design and equip digital devices with efficient software that meet technological, scientific and administrative needs of … (See Reference 5) Aspiring mechanical engineers should get a bachelor’s in the field, with classes in chemistry, physics, calculus, computer-aided design, thermodynamics and materials. Pipelines for crude oil ranked second, at $110,150. … The job post is high in demand because many businesses and companies are looking for the best software developer. But it is quite confusing which one to choose since there are many similarities, and if you don’t have proper knowledge about both the career paths, you might end up starting with the wrong career path. Computer Science stands for the science in which we learn everything about computers and computation devices and how they work. Many companies, firms, and businesses are on the hunt for a system designer to help them with their business.

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