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day in the life of a mechanical engineer

At BP, I have never felt like I am “stuck” doing one type of job or task. A day in the life of a mechanical engineer Lauren Blas explains how incorporating personal passions in her work has become her recipe for career success at CannonDesign. Engineers, as practitioners of engineering, are professionals who invent, design, analyze, build and test machines, complex systems, structures, gadgets and materials to fulfill functional objectives and requirements while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, regulation, safety and cost. 4:00 PM: Testing is complete and I input the data into Minitab for analysis. Engineering projects are multi-disciplinary organizational efforts often involving scores of people inside and outside the company. That’s the great thing about mechanical engineering! Get our FREE Accomplishments Tracker! If you are interested in a particular area (i.e. I have just enough time to get ready, feed the dogs, and make a smoothie for my long commute. To give some insight, I will share what a normal day looked like for me when I had just started my engineering journey. Project life cycles call for different skills and people at different times. They are also responsible for overseeing projects that their reports are working on. October 5, 2017 . Day in the Life of Jennifer Vilbig. Home » Collegiate » Day in the Life of a Mechanical Engineer. SWE Blog. I leave around 7 AM. Mike is a problem solver, viewing each new day as a fun and interesting challenge. Then, I start walking towards the lab to see how testing is going. 470. Want more? I leave around 7 AM. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. One of the perks of working at a large company is the campus has a cafeteria on site. 2:00 PM: I lead the team meeting. I review the agenda and complete my tasks, which include finish writing a test method, redline drawings in SOLIDWORKS to get quotes from vendors, and write a test protocol. Recently, I have had the opportunity to transition to a new role in BP’s downstream business. Don’t miss these helpful posts! Day in the Life of Nesli Kohen. To put it simply Mechanical Engineering is a branch that has to deal with the things that move or rotate. Engineering managers have direct reports that they supervise. A day in the life of a Mechanical Engineer. 12:30 PM: I get lunch to eat at my desk so I can finish my tasks before the project meeting. Then, as you advanced you are less hands on and oversee more responsibilities. November 18, 2019 On my way to the lab, I swing by my boss’ office to let him know about marketing’s concerns and how we are going to get customers’ feedback. The word engineer (Latin ingeniator) is derived from the Latin words ingeniare ("to create, generate, … A day in the life of… a Mechanical Engineering student. A typical day for a Mechanical Engineer will also include: Design integrated mechanical or alternative systems, such as mechanical cooling systems with natural ventilation systems, to improve energy efficiency. ), testing the prototype to failure (MORE AWESOME! To learn more about engineering at Stryker and view our current job openings visit #WeAreStryker. They are located in a different state so most of our communication is over the phone or email. What Can Crystal Structures Teach Us About the College Experience? I do believe, however, that if you want to be the best engineer you can, you need to invest more than the bare-minimum. ... Why and how did you become a mechanical engineering lecturer? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. When people asked me what I wanted to study in college, I never really had an answer. Post written by Adriana who is a Mechanical Engineer with BP. If you want to have many opportunities in a fast-paced and transforming environment, check out Mechanical Engineering and the energy industry! Field work on a platform has its own challenges as several jobs happen at the same time. Hope you guys gained more of an insight to my life. I am calling into a meeting with the manufacturing site. We are all working on different projects so this is an opportunity to see what everyone is working on. I explain that unfortunately, the new material doesn’t come in clear, it only comes in translucent green or gold. $35K - $87K. It’s up-to-date information and news about the Society and how our members are making a difference everyday. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. You can also use your electives to tailor your undergraduate degree toward your field of interest. To anyone who is worried about choosing the "right" company or industry, consider a company which has a culture that fits your personal values and a diverse business model. Supply Manager. I detail the discussions, decisions, and action items. I’ll review their documentation and get back to them. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with a concentration in biomechanics. Research, design, evaluate, install, operate, or maintain mechanical products, equipment, systems or processes to meet requirements. 6:00 PM: Traffic was bad as usual. Remember, no one expects you to know everything. Evidently, he did not communicate with marketing, since this is the first time marketing is seeing the change. This is almost double the next highest, which is electrical engineers at 16,000. Typical Day for Mechanical Engineers Here is a list of tasks that Mechanical Engineers do every day. biomedical or aerospace engineering) I recommend going for a degree in mechanical engineering instead. Projected Job Growth. He says that is a good plan. ), working with vendors to manufacture my prototypes, traveling the world to manufacturing facilities to ensure my design is implemented properly. Engineering managers usually have many people that they supervise. Glad this was caught early on. Since I knew the importance of work experience, I made sure to intern with a few different companies before I graduated. Then, I review my to-do list. Life & Work: Community Makes a Difference, Final Title IX Rule Continues to Concern Advocates, Women Head Five Engineering Departments at MIT, Endless Possibilities in Engineering: Shirin Farrahi, SWENext Milestones for College Preparation. Find stories about SWE members, engineering, technology, and other STEM related topics. He is concerned they may think something is wrong with the device. However, the team does not report to them. This is convenient on the days I do not pack a lunch. Copyright © 2020 Society of Women Engineers. He didn’t realize it was changing. I started my full-time career at BP as a Subsea Engineer in the upstream business, working for the deep-water Gulf of Mexico assets. The most important thing to remember is everyone may be there to do a different job, but at the end of the day everyone has the same goal – to get home safely. In addition to the job obstacles offshore, being one of a handful of females on a boat or platform can add complexity. One day you could spend trouble shooting a test method in the lab and the next day you may never leave your desk trying to finish a report. Today, Mike discovers he is out of cream for his coffee and, elated, drafts out eight potential solutions, keeping in mind time, expense, and energy exerted. The responsibilities also depend on what phase of the New Product Development Process you are in. Supervise technicians, technologists and other engineers and review and approve designs, calculations and cost estimates. He gives us business updates. Extra time at the office isn’t a guarantee for moving ahead. Modern Manufacturing: A Day in the Life of a Mechanical Engineer. Before I detail specifically what I was responsible for, I will give an overview of what mechanical engineers do in general. I currently work with the HMS Bulwark team at Devonport. I had chosen Mechanical Engineering specifically because of the opportunities it could provide in several industries. As an entry-level mechanical engineer working in R&D, here is a list of the buckets of work that I usually completed on any given day: For a complete list of skills engineers need be sure to grab the Engineering Skill Set Cheat Sheet, which details both technical and soft skills required in engineering. Once I got over myself, I was able to see everyone faces challenges. I put together a quick summary of the projects I am working on and challenges I am running into. I get home and change into comfortable clothes. They are responsible for overseeing projects that their team is working on as well as the their individual development. Share this article; Marketing says gold is preferable but he will need prototypes to collect feedback from some customers. This discipline has the highest number of college grads every year of 30,000. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I learned to use the meeting to my advantage instead of just struggling by myself. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I am planning on going into mechanical engineering but hate the idea of ending up at a desk job. This discussion illustrates the importance of meetings. Annual Openings. I get to the lab to help a technician that was performing some testing for me. While the title of this post is “an average day in the life of a mechanical engineer”, it is fair to say that there is no “average day”. I applied to the Mechanical Engineering program at The Ohio State University and was accepted. Day in the Life of a Mechanical Engineer To anyone who is worried about choosing the "right" company or industry, consider a company which has a culture that fits your personal values and a diverse business model. In addition, the United States alone employs 316,300 mechanical engineers. In any given day a mechanical engineer’s duties may include: Research and development of products Researching and implementing procedures to improve production process Mechanical Engineer. October is a great month to focus on modern manufacturing. Next, I start prepping for my 9 AM staff meeting. Architectural, engineering, and related services: 20%, Transportation equipment manufacturing: 11%, Computer and electronic product manufacturing: 7%, Scientific research and development services: 6%, Continuous learning and self-improvement are critical, Perseverance is paramount because you will fail at times, Your workspace can vary (desk, lab, field, manufacturing shop floor), Typically you’ll work on a product, component, or service in one of these functions: design (R&D), manufacturing, quality, packaging, testing, or distribution, Assess a process change to determine if the design will be impacted, Redline drawings in SOLIDWORKS to get quotes from vendors, Performing project work (brainstorming, prototyping, designing, testing, analyzing, manufacturing, documenting), Training, continuous improvement, and development, Working on side projects (these are things no one asks you to do, but will help advance your career), Helping others that came to you with questions (engineering is very collaborative), Preparing for meetings and creating presentations, Communicating with my manager, team members, and direct reports, Traveling to conferences, get feedback from customers, work at the manufacturing sites, and meet with suppliers.

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