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how to tell if my autoflower is ready for harvest

Let’s delve into the top expert recommendations for harvesting autoflowering marijuana varieties the right way. Autoflower seeds to harvest. They don’t always lose their leaves. Understanding Autoflowering Marijuana Strains . MYTH 6: AUTOFLOWERING STRAINS DON’T FLOWER IN TIME. You need to learn how to look for harvest time indicators, signs found in your marijuana strains that tell you that these are ready to be cut down and dried. How to tell when indoor cannabis is ready to harvest ? However, it can be hard to decipher exactly when your plants are ready for harvest. Ready for harvest, but it’s still a bit young. The fan leaves are dying out, so that's a sign, and some of the bud leaves have began to start yellowing. Harvest your precious buds in the dark, just before the lights normally come on. Marijuana’s ripeness is known through the white pistils turning brown or orange. If the law is against you; argue the facts. Something to know here is that most marijuana strains need to remain in the flowering state for about 2 months before they are ready to harvest. If you harvest too soon then your buds will not be as potent as they can, whilst if you take them off too late you’re gonna end up with an altered cannabinoid profile which may give you different effects than what you were initially going after (read: Less THC than planned). Maximum weight not yet achieved. The key to harvest is the trichomes; essentially, a flower harvest is a trichomes harvest. Autoflowering plants start flowering (making buds) after about 3-4 weeks, and are usually ready to harvest 2-3 months from germination. It's my second grow (first non-auto) and I'm not sure on when to harvest her. Their trichomes change from clear to cloudy and amber, but not always as obvious or evenly. I hadn’t grown an autoflowering blueberry strain before, and was curious to see if the “blue” traits would really come through. For this, on my next grow I plan to do either 2 or 4 plants. How would I know if the feminized weed that I am growing is ready for harvest? All of the hard work over the previous few months has paid off and you are just a few days away from sampling your grow. The best autoflower seeds can produce some truly exceptional quality cannabis too. Trichome Colour. Taste and effect are at their peak and you’ve achieved maximum weight. Auto-flowering strains of cannabis are a special strain variety. But what do you guys think? Knowing when to harvest your cannabis is just one of those double-edged sword things. And harvest time is not the same for all cannabis strains. Apart from referring to the given flowering times, one of the best indicators of a female cannabis plant's ripeness is the colour of the hairs covering its flowers. I "Fimmed" the GG auto and it didn't grow it out, it just grew a knot of flower in the top center. Potency. Considering we think that is one of the best methods to determine if your flower is ready to be harvested. Three can keep a secret only if two of them are dead. Harvest when 70-90% of hairs have darkened for highest levels of THC. Find more on that subject below, under ‘Trichome Colour’. Timing the harvest is Paramount to the final quality. Some may take 6 weeks and some may take 10. Dinafem Moby Dick is one of my favorite autoflowering strains because it’s Sativa-dominant, yet loaded with THC like it’s a Kush or Indica. You harvest weeds when they are already ripe. Medical Marijuana gave me my life back after Crohns disease diagnosis. You must have an idea when your crops are ready and this is by identifying the following harvest time signs in autoflowering cannabis plants. Yet another way to tell if you grew an autoflower or … If you harvest too late – less common, given the harvest “window” of about a month, but still possible – many of the medicinal benefits of the buds will be lost. The naked eye method is good for beginners who do not have access to a magnifying glass or microscope. Gorilla Glue is one of the most popular strains on the market, and it’s available as an autoflower!. Related: With over 25% THC is Auto Cinderella Jack the strongest autoflower in the world? IF your wondering where the center dominant cola went, well.. Light taste and mellow high. Obviously, the flowering time of each strain varies. Harvesting is the most fun part of growing a marijuana. If possible, do not allow the plants to see direct light as long as their roots are attached. G. Gordon Liddy If the facts are against you; argue the Law. Hey guys so my babies are doing great, nice fat buds, but I'm not sure if they're ready to harvest. The most accurate way to determine when to harvest your cannabis, is to have a close look at the trichomes. Most autoflowering varieties will be ready for harvest in between 60-90 days. Harvest time is the most important and exciting stage of growing cannabis. This means that the outdoor gardener has the potential for two, or even three, crops in the course of one year. Auto-flowering marijuana plants grow faster as compared to photoperiod ones. 6. The point here is that after about 1.5 months or 6 weeks, you should start examining your weed plant for the various signs that harvest time is approaching. On average, it takes up to two months for them to flower and be ready for harvest. This is the time when your hard work finally pays off. There is no better feeling as a cultivator than when your cannabis plants are finally ready to harvest. Ready to Harvest Auto-Flowering Buds. Determining When to Harvest an Autoflower Cannabis Plant. If possible, use a magnifying glass or microscope to determine the appropriate time to harvest your cannabis flowers. I'm growing in scrog and the pistils are still 40% white. I am a complete NOOB and this is my first grow! Read on to understand the basics and the signs that prove that a plant is an autoflower. G. Gordon Liddy In this battle of wits; my … 70-90% of the pistils are brown: Ready for harvest. Yields: Largest Northern Light Autoflower : 90+ grams Northern Light Autoflower #2: 56 grams Northern Light Autoflower #1: 36 grams Dwarf #4, just under one ounce. Okay, enough sweet talk, bud-buddies! I haven't checked trichs, but I will check them once I get a magnifying glass later on today. Since auto-flowering cannabis like the Candy Cane Autoflower is a small plant, it would be wise to cut down the entire plant for future use. Autoflowering counterparts will be ready for harvest sooner but determining if the plant is ready for harvest is another thing. I going to pull two into harvest when I think it's ready based the information provided on GWE, and the other set I will give a few weeks more and then compare my yields and bioassay to see how stark the differences truly can be. Your average autoflower plant will produce between 2 and 6 ounces of bud by harvest time. As you can see, I wasn’t disappointed. I'm stopped feeding her 2 weeks ago. Again, “when to harvest” is a highly debated issue, but most gardeners will tell you that color change in various parts of the plant are a reliable signifier of harvest ready cones. Having the autoflower to start flowering is part of the process. Use a magnifying glass to check the THC crystals on the buds of your female marijuana. #1 – How to Tell your Autoflowering Weed is Ready to Harvest? Ready for Harvest Pictures. Learn what causes marijuana to take a long time before being ready to harvest. Fan Leaves Fan leaves are the large, green, iconically shaped “pot leaves” that surround the flowers of a marijuana plant. I've been told two different things so far. Look for yellowing of the leaves – in autoflowering plants this is a surefire sign that the cannabis is ready for harvest. Before even getting to the point of harvesting your green princesses, you have to … How to Harvest your Plants . In this video Donald Wilson from Green Magi Labs explains how to tell when your cannabis, or weed plant is ready to harvest. Now that you know that your plants are ready to harvest, what do you do? Taste is heavy and the effect is narcotic. First, decide if you want to harvest just the buds or you wish to harvest the entire plant. As every gardener will tell you, getting your timing right is … You can tell that the autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds are ready for harvesting when the plants start to dry up. A good rule of thumb is to harvest when just over 50 per cent of the pistols have become red or brown in color. Top colas pistils have been turning orange for about a week. It means that the plant’s initial care and nutrients worked, so it is now bound to the final steps, which are maturing and getting ready for harvest. I'll be sure to tag you when I get that thread started. It’s bushy, resilient, and potentially high-yielding. Want to grow autoflowers? A lot can go wrong before harvest comes around. These hairs start out white, darkening to orange or red as the plant matures. The results are in! How to tell if your plant is autoflower? In 60-70 days from the time your seeds pop, this marijuana will be ready to harvest. The signs that marijuana plants are ready for harvest to depend on the methods used in identifying the harvest time. There are two ways to tell if your cannabis plants are ready for harvest, and a magnifying glass makes both methods simpler. As per the posts of @themommyjane, one of the best Instagram influencers for marijuana and CBD, harvesting is the fun and easy part. 90-100% of the pistils brown: Almost too late for harvest. It starts flowering on its own 3-4 weeks into its life cycle. On the other hand, an autoflower weed plant will usually produce no more than 500 grams per square meter. Direct light on a plant will draw … Smallest: Dwarf #5, 19 grams If a body buzz is preferred, then harvest the buds late so THC can be lowered while increasing the CBD level. This is myth is an easy one to debunk. However, getting to this point is easier said than done. Northern Light Autoflower Stats: Typical germination: 3-5 days, rate 100% First flowers: About week 3, between days 18 – 28 Average Bloom: 8 weeks Seed to harvest: All under 90 days.. Trichomes, Potency and Harvest Time. Harvest when 90-100% of hairs have darkened for a more calming, anti-anxiety effect as … The beauty of autoflowering cannabis plants is that they will begin to flower after 2-3 weeks and will be ready for harvesting after 10 to 12 weeks. The best thing to do for you to know that it is about time to harvest is to examine closely the marijuana buds. This is very important since knowing how to tell when autoflower is flowering will tell the grower on what to expect from the plant. Figuring out when an autoflower plant is ready for harvest is a bit more tricky. Not to mention, WHEN you choose to harvest can totally make or break your final stash. How to tell if your indoor cannabis plant is ready for harvest. While harvesting based on flowering time is not an exact science, it can be a good jumping-off point for figuring out when exactly to harvest your marijuana plants. How To Know When Flowering Is Done And How To Tell If Your Plant Is Ready to Harvest You must take a close look at the weed trichomes using a digital microscope, or weed magnifying glass, to accurately determine if your marijuana plant is ready to harvest. Hello, I'm currently growing 1 OG kush plant that's at day 73 flowering. This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY! The sugar leaves and buds have developed a purplish tinge, although the aroma is pure ganja, with none of … A plant is generally at … I'm wondering if one is ready for harvest?! Yet some oddball strains never turn amber at all! When grown in a natural environment, any quality autoflowering plant will be ready for harvest when it should be. Guys, So I have a GG Auto and it is at 71 Days from seed.

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