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how to widen narrow stairs

How to widen my front steps without doing a total demo and rebuild? Use creative paint applications to visually widen the rectangular features of your narrow hallway, such as a tone-on-tone faux-glazed finish applied to your ceiling and walls. To make a space appear brighter, keep the colour light. Always vote the slowest path to socialism. Long and narrow rooms can be a major challenge to decorate. You may have to register before you … Miter … A quick and relatively cheap way to make this space appear bigger is to have a feature light fitting at the top of the stairs to draw the eye up. I’ve had more than one project where the carpenters told me, “I can save you a whole tread.” My answer is always an emphatic “No!” Saving space isn’t the goal; saving lives is. Strip off carpet, paint walls and riserscreamy white....sand step and urethane...presto brand new look, I'd do all the above said, but also wall hangings sparse and up high on the wall, like a shelf with a couple items to draw the eye higher up. Solved: When I try widening a set of stairs in the Sims 4, it tells me I have insufficient funds, despite having more than enough money. check Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Your local codes may differ. Hope this helps. Older, or poorly designed, steps can be too narrow, making them uncomfortable and unsafe to use. Love Neat, Clean, Uncluttered. Chair rails are the unsung heroes of home decor. Replace the lighting in the upstairs hallway with directional lighting with clear bulbs to give more light. Here's my 2 cents...1 ~ Remove the carpet. In looking over Kim's email I was brought right back to our early days in working on our house and the decisions we made. I shall make a start at the weekend! What can I do to my stairs after removing the carpet? Straight-run stairways are the simplest in design. Place a shim between the tool and wall to prevent marring of the drywall. Skirt board on stairs all screwed up under the carpeting. @Becky Vaughn thank you I love this idea - have seen similar on pinterest using different wallpapers or paints on the riser. Some call them wrap around stairs or cascading stairs. . Most holes can be fixed with a quality mortar mix, although you should use one with a crushed There is not much natural light from wither up or downstairs. i would remove the carpet and paint the stairs or stain them. As you can see from my stairs in the picture they are quite narrow and ...dull and boring and beige. Most cities have codes stairs must be. A stair tread should be at least 9 inches deep. Measure the length of the step. Other wise you may end up hitting your head. 3 ~ Paint the tread part of the stair w/ a black primer & then several coats of a charcoal grey & finally a poly this will be dark enough to cover for dirt tracked in from outside. You can then drag the End green line of the landing out the 8" or any dimension you want. Stairs How to Update Oak Stair Treads and Risers Stair Ideas & Inspiration More Stair Ideas & Inspiration in this topic Paint a Candy-Colored Staircase Add Wine Storage Under the Stairs … Does anyone have any ideas on how I could make the stairs look wider? DIY large travel gallery wall for a long hallway and entryway. I know this is unpopular advice, but... what you are proposing absolutely requires a building permit, and the new stairs must comply to local building codes. Consider the thickness of the board you will need. Might do some boxes with trim going up to top also. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The minimum height can be reduced to 1.9 meters or 1.8 meters at the shoulder or side of the stairs where there is a sloping roof above the ceiling: Now need to decide on wall color and flooring. Changing the angle will mean new stringers and treads, but make sure fix the slope of the ceiling above the steps if there is one. Oversized frames to display travel photos. Love this site! Width isn't too difficult..pull it apart and move the stringer out and add new treads. They are just narrow metal rods, that go out from the center, kind of a bronze gold with glitter, and a mirror in the center. Lots of colours, patterns, etc. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could make the stairs look wider? Attic Stairs Are Ladders, So Put Safety First Pro2Pro Tip: When buying stairs, look for a stair with a load rating of at least 300 pounds, which have the sturdiest treads, stringers, and hinges. Now armed with many ideas and lots of inspiration. It would give light and a whole different look to the stairs. "Why do you ask"? Wider treads mean There are a set of "minimum" and "maximum" stair parameters that you must meet. There is a process for making new stairs, and it isn't super easy. I would even think about doing a collage wall of photos or artwork (with frames of varying sizes and shapes) on one side to bring some personality into the hallway. If so, change it out to a chandelier and add LED lights and light that hallway up. This needs to be modern … I am looking for help, ideas and inspiration please! I am going to keep the carpet for now though as I have kids and the noise is something I need to consider. Hey guys, I am working on a home improvement project. It used to be 9", but at some point they changed it. This guy has a great youtube channel where he goes over pretty much everything you need to know about building and installing stairs... Be careful or you might find you need to really watch your head. Mirrors always makes a narrow space look wider. There is not much natural light from wither up or downstairs. Lots of prep work sanding and getting steps ready for painting. Wow thank you everyone - I am now armed with lots of ideas and inspiration from the other side of the world! See more ideas about Staircase, Staircase design, Stairs design. Most new(er) building codes specify minimum tread depth to be 10". I added decorative wood to partition the walls. Measure the height and width of the existing risers. For example, if the stair nosing protrudes to a thickness of 1 3/4 inches, use thin, 1/4-inch plywood or boards for the new risers. So for instance if I am going up my steps I may hit my toes on the next one and my heel hangs off the back. The wider the treads, the more total run the stringers have to span. With contrasting colors it should make it appear wider. 1-If there is an ability to decrease the riser of stair ,you should do that . Then divide this number by 2 to get the rise of your staircase. You can often get really good buys on discontinued, etc. I'm already on the hunt for mirrors - I have a plan coming together now! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'd say an 18" tread would be awkward, requiring you to "double step" all the way down (put both feet on one step before going down the next step, like a little kid does on normal stairs). It can be done by a DIYer, but it can be a challenge. Just my 2 pennies. Go with a bright blue, yellow, or even green. Some call them wrap around stairs or cascading stairs. Use screws 1 … :-), Here's How Girls Get Ready for Holiday Guests With Power Tools. Cut new boards for each new riser. Change common stair dimensions like the actual run width or floor-to-floor height. What country is this house in? Remove carpet, stain or paint step tread. it's fast and very inexpensive to do. Color. For example, if you want the steps to be 14 inches wide, subtract this number from 25 to get 11. Drill them through the front ¾-inch edge out the back ¾-inch edge. How can I make over an ugly carpeted stairway? I would build a nice wooden stair to cover it and seal it really well. 10 Easy tips to make your hallway look bigger How to make your tight, dark and small hallway seem wider and brighter Livinator is an online magazine sharing the most inspiring finds from the world of interior design, art How do I build an outdoor staircase for entry into my mobile home? Help, Remodeling stairs myself now i need advice badly. Get colorful tile and add this on the front of the riser. I should have clarified the more I read my own post the more I thought it didn't make sense. Add 1 inch to the measurement and mark it on the hardwood strip. If you want to read more about our stairs, be sure to check out our entry hall posts, but the reason for today's Ask Old Town Home has to do with Kim and Scott's stairs. A place where people can come to learn and share their experiences of doing, building and fixing things on their own. Press J to jump to the feed. Cheap travel gallery for under $200. How can I update my stairs? Insert a chisel or pry bar beneath the outer edges of the jamb or trim. Break up the long bit to make it seem shorter.Paint inside of boxes some bright color( yellow, blue, purple, red anything bright then mute it down a bit it to bright with some colored wax. New treads for old stairs My friends Pu and Denis recently bought a house. Set a miter saw blade at 45 degrees. However, once they're grown up and left home...! Maximum riser height ("steep") for residential stairs is 7.75" (4" minimum). Commercial stairs use 11", which I personally find to be the most comfortable. Paint walls and treads and put wallpaper that looks like books on the risers. Are there walls to either side of the stairs? Cut a handful of the bullnose pieces about 2-inches long and begin placing them around the curve. If … I also want to change the handrail on - any ideas for that? What can I do with these spindles if I cannot remove them? Though structurally sound, it didn't look that appealing, with its pink walls and old brown carpet throughout. Removed the carpet and painted the steps white. Funds are very limited so any budget ideas are warmly welcomed. Click on the stairs, and hit Edit. Hold them in place with tape if needed and check the gap between pieces. they have painted, carpeted, tiles, lights for stairs and even glitter stairs. Thank you! Stairways come in a variety of designs. I'd take the carpet off and sand and paint the stairs so it looked like a carpet runner down the middle. Maximum riser height ("steep") for residential stairs is 7.75" (4" minimum). I painted the top portion of the wall a gray and the lower portion two shades lighter. They will have three stringers, one in the middle perpendicular to the deck and one on either side of it that would be at 45 degree angles. How to Fill Concrete Holes. 5 ~ If there is a favorite color in the risers that you used all the way up the stairs you can use that in a much lighter color on the walls. I have these glittery starbursts with mirrors in the center. type in stairs or staircases. Can anyone Happy Gaming Crin I don't work or have any association with EA. I should maybe add that I like rustic/vintage/shabby chic styles. The white stairs and handrail made the walls pop. @Kayo Frazier Thank you - similar but different to Becky's idea. 2-Take of the side terrazzo to make wide . Jan 4, 2018 - Explore Ruthie's board "Narrow Staircase", followed by 159 people on Pinterest. A few years ago, Tom Silva was halfway up a folding attic stair, trying to figure out why it wasn’t working right, when a loose screw let go, a spring popped, and the stair swung out from under him. 3-change the handrail with aluminum one. Woul Comments (6) thanks for your comments Deborah, love the soft blue/grey tones. I would paint below the trim white. How can I make over my stairs that have wood/carpeting? What can I do about dark blue banister and baseboards? When I meant narrow I meant the depth of them as in when I step my foot would hang over the edge they are probably only 10 inches wide. If yes, then make sure you know if either is load bearing and don't expand in that direction. There is many kinds and colors. Your local codes may differ. @Wanda.ll thank you - I have been looking f lighting ideas so this is one I will look into as well. Commercial stairs use 11", which I personally find to be the most comfortable. then for some pizzazz how about stenciling the back of the stairs(the part your foot doesn't walk on)? As you can see from my stairs in the picture they are quite narrow and ...dull and boring and beige. Intend to add stair treads to finish the project. Make the color of the stairs and lower part of wall the same. 7 ~ Add artwork & mirrors to both walls all the way up to the top. Just completed a similar project. When you notch stringers, you weaken them. 1st thing to do in my basement reno was to replace the old open steep and narrow stairs. Change common stair dimensions like the actual run width or floor-to-floor height. I like Linda's idea of stripping the handrail down to wood and stain it, and I'd put some polyurethane on it to make it shine. You could make something like that pretty easy, I assume, and I'd put those round touch lamp in the center for light, or mirrors, or alternate them. Most interior steps are built from either hardwood, composite material or … I am trying to figure out how to build some deck stairs that grow wider as they go down. (Will post pictures shortly) I was wondering the best way to go about possibly doubling the step and making them wider and steeper i feel this would be much safer than how they look now. I was wondering if I could double the step? Stairs wider at bottom than top If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Remove the carpeting from the stairs, stain the steps and paint/stencil the risers. Glue and nail the riser faces to the fronts of the existing risers with wood glue and a pin nail gun. To make a space appear wider, introduce horizontal stripe or changes of colour. 6 ~ I would remove the current handrail & replace it w/ a traditional one on BOTH walls & paint them black so they can be seen even w/ the lights off. jThese steps for how to open up an interior staircase will give you a rough tutorial for how to open up walls. You need color. 4- Use off-white color. Take the current handrail and strip down to bare wood and apply Minwax Polyshade, which is a stain and polyurethane in one step. 2 ~ After taking out the staples & anything else that was needed to tack down the carpet...Sand down the tread part of the stair & the riser. I disagree with making the handrail dark for 2 reasons: 1. this will introduce another separated object in the space, distinct from the wall, which naturally appears to fill the space up, and 2. darkening the handrail will make it appear as a vertical stripe of colour, which naturally appears to make the space look more narrow. What is your favorite color? Do you have creative ideas for concrete steps? As an Amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. I would just put in a simple handrail. This will cause the stair landing to get bigger. :-). L-shaped stairways go up before turning at a 90-degree angle. Drive one treated deck screw through each hole in each extension into the lip of the existing tread. Pry off the casing as well as any baseboard and chair rail that falls within the area you will be cutting to widen the doorway. Big mess that cost lots of $, doubt you want them wider that bad. If your home has concrete, you may notice holes forming due to strong weather or rodents. You will have to dril holes in that step and insert rebar when you form it up if you want it to hold. Update railing and banister- Looking forward to ideas.... How to stain and protect stair treads that have been coated with oil. I would send pictures but I am on vacation. I also want to change the handrail on - any ideas for that? Retired, Loving It! I have two of them going up the wall, as you go up the stairs, but I have a tri level, so the stairs are shorter. Why not get some of those tube lights and run right next to the bottom trim too. This will be super important when you go to sell your house, as something like this might just (1) cost you a sale, and/or (2) get you fined by the city. Height isn't an issue there is a huge gap. Divide 11 by 2 … After the notches are The wood is so dated. 4 ~ For the risers paint each one w/ different colors, prints, patterns...Make them eclectic & funky. If not placed properly, furniture can feel cramped in, while other awkward corners are left empty and unused. Why not add a paper wainscotting with a bit of trim that complements your handrail. Thank you in anticipation! Do you have a light fixture? I love it! Feb 21, 2014 - How to Visually Widen a Narrow Hallway. My steps leading to my basement are extremely narrow. Minimum and maximum heights and pitches for stairs and parts of stairs In loft conversions this rule can be relaxed as typically there is a shortage of head room. With just two 9-inch treads and three 8¼-inch risers, they’re plenty steep, a condition all too common in a world where builders pride themselves on how little space they can eat up with stairs. Stairs with 14-inch runs (tread widths) should have rises of between 5-1/2 and 6-1/2 inches. Any advice would be great! Your local codes may differ. I used paintable wallpaper from Lowes on the bottom part of the wall. I never actually measured the r&r of the stairs but it was unsafe, and they were old and open in the back and they just had to go. Disclosure: This website contains affiliate links. No work carried out as yet but aim to start this weekend. If you use the recommended 10-inch treads, calculate how many steps you need for a staircase slope of 34 to 37 degrees. In the Rule of 25, subtract the number of inches you want your treads to be from 25. That means we may earn commissions if you shop through the links included in articles. Narrow hallways are frustrating to decorate because there is a limited amount of space to work with. I am looking for help, ideas and inspiration please! How to Make Narrow Stairs Wider. I would also remove the carpet stain the steps, paint the walls add some mirrors and family photos jazz it up...good luck! Circular staircases allow the builder to minimize the footprint of the staircase on the floor plan, as the stairs curl around each other. Divide the height the stairs reach by 7 ½, the recommended height of risers in inches. Easy to remove when you tire of it. Removed some arches, widen the walls, opened up the space.

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