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Is Diet Soda Bad for You? Written by Jeff Volling No, the fact is sales were plummeting due to customer concern over the health risks of aspartame. — still lingers inside the minds of many dietitians, scientific researchers, and the general public at large. What is known for sure is that, like other sodas, Diet Pepsi can wreak havoc on your teeth and lead to weight gain. Several university studies referenced in this article show that it certainly does more harm than good. Citric acid found in these drinks potentially destroys and weakens tooth enamel over an extended period of time. While a single can of Diet Pepsi will not produce an amount of benzene that should be a cause for alarm, if you are a regular drinker of Diet Pepsi, the cumulative effect over the years could be significant. The most recent headlines have raised concerns that diet sodas boost stroke risk. Because it contains zero calories and zero sugar, Diet Pepsi is often billed as a nutritional solution to those not only trying to lose weight, but also those keen on preventing sugar-related diseases. Potassium benzoate is known to cause small amounts of benzene to be formed, a substance which is carcinogenic. PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Company have been the major players in the soft drink market with the latter enjoying a favorable market share. However, harmful qualities are most likely associated and shouldn't be overlooked. Still, let's take a look at the ingredients and nutrition of the new Diet Pepsi and ascertain whether or not it is good for you. Unfortunately, none of these ingredients are good for you. Suggest improvement or correction. It’s a direct correlation with your weight So you finally kicked your regular soda habit, but now you find yourself reaching for cans of the diet soft drink variety. What is even more worrisome is the fact that sweeteners have been found to produce the same effect as sugar in your body. Things rated a 'C+' are typically a bit more on the beneficial side. Actually no and there are two main benefits here. Sadly, the answer to the question "Are Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi bad for you?" While Diet Pepsi doesn’t have the 140 calories found in regular Pepsi, it doesn’t do any favors for your body’s nutritional needs. Back in 2015, PepsiCo decided to listen to consumer complaints and took out aspartame from Diet Pepsi, replacing it with sucralose (Splenda) - although the aspartame-flavored Diet Pepsi is available for purchase online. Lastly, drinking Diet Pepsi excessively puts causes the same amount of tooth erosion as methamphetamine and cocaine. So, has PepsiCo suddenly become health-conscious? Well, as it turns out, calorie-free sodas may actually increase the risk of weight gain because of two reasons. Currently available research into diet soda and long-term health risks is insufficient, although there are specific areas where risks are unlikely. 02-24-2016, 02-24-2016 Diet soda is a better choice than regular soda because regular soda has empty calories that offer no nutritional benefit. Diet Pepsi is a carbonated beverage that uses the artificial sweeteners Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium. More than likely. Soda is never good for you and Diet Pepsi is no exception to the rule. Diet sodas bad for you: how bad is diet soda for you? To unlock unlimited content and other premium features, become a member for just $5 per month. Because it contains zero calories and zero sugar, Diet Pepsi is often billed as a nutritional solution to those not only trying to lose weight, but also those keen on preventing sugar-related diseases. Category 'D' is typically for things that are more harmful than beneficial. This can lead to higher intakes of caffeine if the … Suggest improvement or correction to this article We will also get rid of ads... forever! Pepsi Max and other products with artificial sweeteners are thought not to affect peoples weight, as they contain no calories. What could possibly be wrong? It may be fashionable to shrug obesity off and say things like "big is beautiful" or "be happy with your body," but the fact is obesity is unhealthy. In general, metabolic syndrome refers to a constellation of risk factors such as elevated glucose levels, high blood pressure, large waist circumference, and raised cholesterol. Diet soda has long been advertised as the healthier alternative to regular old fat soda. Still, moderation is important. Diet soda has been linked to depression. Compared to real sugar, artificial sweeteners have a more intense flavor which tends to dull our senses towards naturally sweet foods such as fruit (Read about the top 5 fruits to eat after a workout). But, even if you have trouble saying it, an ingredient that is always going to be found in Diet Coke is at least one type of artificial sweetener. In this sense, the question — is Diet Pepsi bad for you? Although benefits may be associated, the bad most likely outweighs the good. More harmful than beneficial. Very healthy and numerous health benefits. Just because diet soda doesn't contain sugar or calories, it doesn't mean it's healthy for you. It is important to note that even the best things in life can become bad in immoderate amounts. What is known for sure is that, like other sodas, Diet Pepsi can wreak havoc on your teeth and lead to weight gain. A 2012 study found that daily drinkers of diet soda who were, on average, 69 years old had a 43% higher chance of heart attack, stroke or dying as a result of blood vessel problems. Things rated an 'A+' are typically necessary for survival (for example, water). Diet soda consumption for adults only becomes problematic when the quantity consumed is very excessive. Some people think diet sodas can help them lose weight. One observational study noted that diet soda drinkers have a slightly increased risk of kidney stone development, but the risk was much smaller than the risk associated with drinking regular soda. Carbonated water has been shown to have a negative impact on teeth, helping to speed up the process of enamel erosion and, along with phosphoric and citric acids, may contribute to cavities and tooth decay. You've read 3 articles - nice! After all, Diet Pepsi is calorie-free, fat-free, and carbohydrate-free. So, although something may be rated an 'A+', overconsumption/overdoing can bring unwanted effects. Please turn your Ad Blocker off to see this content. Category 'F' is for things that fail to bring anything beneficial to the table, and are very harmful to your health. Those who drink more than 2 diet ones per day see a 400 percent waist expansion. Overall beneficial to your health. If you look at the ingredients list on a can of Diet Coke, you may be a little shocked at just how many components you can't even pronounce. Things in this category should be avoided as much as possible. Rice, for example, can be good or bad depending on the type. Very healthy and numerous health benefits. Things placed into this category are generally (a) neither good nor bad for you, or (b) lack the necessary evidence to reach any conclusions. Because of this, other zero calorie drinks are preferable to this fizzy drink. Thank you! 'N' stands for neutral. Very beneficial to your health. Diet and regular sodas have both been linked to obesity, kidney damage, and certain cancers. There are simply many more drink options available that provide all of its benefits and do not contain any of Diet Pepsi’s downsides. Very general topics that can lean towards both sides of the spectrum will be placed here as well. Written by Jeff Volling | Side effects are rare. They trigger insulin which in turn signals your body to store fat, leading to weight gain and obesity rather than weight loss. In a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health, … If you stop drinking diet soda you will realize that food actually … Moderation is extremely important. Researchers have found links between artificial sweetener consumption and Type 2 diabetes, dementia & other conditions. A recent study found that over nine years, diet-soda drinkers gained nearly triple the abdominal fat–3 in. Recent studies have revealed that even though Diet Pepsi is far better than regular Pepsi as far as calorie intake is concerned, it’s not necessarily a healthy alternative. 3. The first is that some people believe drinking calorie-free soda is a license to eat more foods that do contain calories, often leading to them consuming more total calories than they would have had they just drank regular soda. Recent studies have revealed that even though Diet Pepsi is far better than regular Pepsi as far as calorie intake is concerned, it’s not necessarily a healthy alternative. Study finds diet drinks may be as bad for your heart as sugar-sweetened beverages. Some types of diet soda are even fortified with vitamins and minerals. There have been a huge variety of serious concerns raised about the health implications of aspartame, the popular sugar substitute used as the primary sweetener found in both of these sodas. Moderation is very important. — has been partially answered. © 2018 Is It Bad For You, LLC. The visible impact of this is a ruined smile. Before you spit out the diet cola swishing around your mouth right this second, the fact is that the cancer risk from food additives is likely pretty small, Lefferts says. That’s an oversimplification that ignores any hormonal effects and resulting hunger. More beneficial to your health than not. Here are the ingredients: carbonated water, sucralose (Splenda), caffeine, phosphoric acid, citric acid, potassium benzoate, caramel color, and natural flavor. Unfortunately it may not be the weight loss wonder drink like so many believe. Let's start with the most abundant ingredient - and least harmful - carbonated water. iStock Risk: Dementia. Diet soda is calorie-free, but it won't necessarily help you lose weight. Moderation is important. Category 'C' usually denotes to both good and bad qualities. All rights reserved. While it is clear that regular Pepsi is harmful, the question — is Diet Pepsi bad for you? According to several different studies, even though diet drinks supposedly consist of zero net calories, they can have a lot of negative effects — including weight gain, kidney problems, increased risk of diabetes and increased risk of depression. Researchers found that diet soda consumption was linked to a 44 percent higher chance of heart attack or stroke, up from the 22 percent non-soda drinkers have. It would be a better choice to … Over the course of the study, 591 men and women had a heart attack, stroke, or died of cardiovascular causes. Harmful to your health. Basically, a diet soda is irrelevant when it comes to gout. We recommend completely avoiding anything in this category. A fairly even ratio of beneficial and harmful qualities. Harmful to your health. The artificial sweeteners and other chemicals currently used in diet soda are safe for most people, and there's no credible evidence that these ingredients cause cancer. Although people with phenylketonuria can celebrate aspartame being removed, it's still a health-destroyer. Heinrich, on the other hand, thinks diet soda is just as bad as the regular, sugar-filled stuff. While it would be wrong to say that Diet Pepsi is going to give you cancer, in truth- it could (after several years of accumulation). Research has found that drinking four or more cans of diet soda per day makes you 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression. It seems (as always), if something sounds too good to be true … then it probably is. Another known carcinogen found in Diet Pepsi is caramel color, with a big question mark hanging over "natural flavors" as to whether or not they can cause cancer, brain damage, hyperactivity in children, or other various problems. A few harmful qualities may be associated, but only under certain circumstances such as an allergic reaction. What is strange, however, is that the citric acid from natural sources actually helps to strengthen your gums and keep your teeth healthy and strong. A few benefits may be associated, but the bad outweighs the good. Very few, if any, benefits are present. Researchers found that people who drink diet Pepsi have a 75 percent increase in waist circumference over the ten years study, compared with those who do not drink any kind of Pepsi. Among other diet sodas, drinking Diet Pepsi was found to increase the chances developing of metabolic syndrome by 36%.1 The same study also established that the risk of developing type II diabetes among diet soda drinkers was considerably high. The diet-soda drinkers experienced a drop in their glomerular filtration rate (an important measure of the kidney's function). It significantly increases your risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, etc. If the sweeteners slow your fat burning and increase your hunger they will of course affect your weight – calories or not. Here’s something you didn’t know about your diet soda: It might be bad for your kidneys. Trouble is – diet soda as a replacement for regular soda – is a whole new problem. Drinking a diet soda means you've consumed zero calories, so you get a free pass to eat more. Drinking a reasonable amount of diet soda a day, such as a can or two, isn't likely to hurt you. Harmful qualities may be associated, but aren't usually serious. But in diet-soda drinkers, the rate of decline was 3 times as much as for women who didn't drink diet sodas. However, many diet soda … To ask if diet soda is good or bad for you is a bit misleading, because the answer is, “Depends on how much you drink.” If you’re a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, Dr. Thomas Hale of the Infant Risk Center gave these classifications to the website Parentology . The main difference between category 'A' and category 'B' is the harmful qualities typically present in 'B' items. Diet Pepsi was test-marketed in 1963, formally introduced in 1964, and has been widely accepted since then. The second reason is that calories raise your body temperature, which in turn activates your metabolism. "If you're an otherwise healthy person, and your biggest vice is a diet soda a couple times per week, you probably don't have much to worry about," Andrews says. Current research that attempts to link diet … There’s lots of research linking diet soda drinking to all sorts of health troubles, even death. You will sharpen your taste buds. Long-term side effects of 'F' items are usually very serious. If you recall, I have mentioned that all of us must stay hydrated as much as possible. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. With age, the glomerular filtration rate tends to decline a bit. Things rated a 'B+' may have a few harmful qualities to pay attention to. Women who had at least four diet sodas a day were nearly 80 percent more likely to deliver preterm.”3. Soft drink manufacturers have been diversifying their products to cater for their ever-growing, and increasingly demanding, consumer base. ... (Drinking regular soda seems to be bad for the brain as well.) is a little more complex than we’d like for it to be. Moderation is very important. While consuming/doing something unhealthy once in a blue moon shouldn't hurt, we definitely recommend eliminating 'D' items as a regular part of your routine/diet. As mentioned above, research now links diet soda consumption (and regular soda consumption too) with higher risk for total mortality and heart disease. All of these factors increase the chances of developing stroke, diabetes, and heart diseases. 5 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Target Your Entire Body, Avoid Shoulder Injuries With These 4 Strategies, Starting a Low-Carb Diet: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners, Top 5 Best Skin Care Products to Add to Your Daily Routine, 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Help You Power Through Your Day, 14 Weeks of Kindness | Kindness Challenge, The Top 6 Exercises to Build a Bulletproof Chest, Read about the top 5 fruits to eat after a workout,,, 9 Reasons You Should Start Eating Pineapple, 3 Simple Reasons You Should Stop Eating French Fries, Fitness and Nutrition for Busy Professionals. Sodas which lack calories may actually slow down metabolism, leading to weight gain. Both beneficial and harmful qualities associated. Contrary to popular belief, diet soda (defined as calorie free carbonated beverages sweetened with aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame-potassium, or other non-caloric or minimally caloric sweeteners) doesn't inhibit fat loss, or spike insulin levels. When it comes to this category, it is important to keep this word in mind: moderation. Experts advise limiting both types of drinks. While it would be wrong to say that Diet Pepsi is going to give you cancer, in truth- it could (after several years of accumulation). Diet soda, of course, has much less sugar and zero calories when compared to regular, sugary (and oh so delicious) soft drinks, technically making it a good alternative.You … Things rated a 'B' may have some harmful qualities to pay attention to. It triggers an insulin response which results in stored fat, increases the risks of developing metabolic syndrome and depression, and destroys tooth enamel. Whether it's Diet Coke, Coke Zero, or the countless number of "light" sodas offered on grocery store shelves, it's important to realize that instead of sugar, beverage companies typically use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose to mimic the taste of non-diet sodas. Side effects are common, especially when consumed/done excessively. Very healthy and numerous health benefits. A study bringing together 263,925 individuals aged between 51 and 70 and who drank diet soda found out that they had a 30% higher chance of developing depression within a period of 10 years.2, In a separate study, “Women who had at least one serving of artificially sweetened soda a day while they were pregnant were 38 percent more likely to deliver preterm than women who drank no diet soda at all. Instead, Diet Pepsi adds a chemical load that actually places a burden on your system. (8 cm)–as those who didn’t drink diet soda. As I have explained, diet soda is good for us, gout sufferers simply because it doesn’t affect gout nor causes its attacks. Harmful to your health. In fact, although the Diet Pepsi does contain potassium, caffeine, and phosphorous, there are many other food and drink choices available that contain these items and also provide many more nutritional benefits. Serious side effects are usually uncommon, but are still possible and should be taken note of.

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