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you as well in a sentence

Well, if they turn you out, we'll just get a room at a hotel in Bartlesville. One of your team captains will have friends as well. If you knew Mr. Cade nearly as well as you think you do, you would know that he is actually very sensitive. Well, whatever it is, it probably won't go down too well with Howard or Len. You use as well when mentioning something which happens in the same way as something else already mentioned, or which should be considered at the same time as that thing. Well, your pal leaves for a few days and turns off the power. A good meal promotes a feeling of well-being. - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary "All things considered, you seem to be holding up pretty well," Dean said to his wife as they cuddled beneath cool sheets in the dwindling hours of the evening. Trees give us fruits. One was an enormous Lion with clear, intelligent eyes, a tawney mane bushy and well kept, and a body like yellow plush. "It all turned out well, I guess," he said at last. Unfortunately, pesticides kill off beneficial insects, 22. At the start of a sentence, it can be used to present a new subject: We’re so excited. Comma Before As Well As. I know you well enough to know you would have to find out – no matter what the risk. This sentence means that Adele sings better than I do. I'll take a couple of the meetings, and I tasked Jenn to start forwarding intelligence reports to me as well. "The Other had you hidden well," the man said. Well, I think something like 50% of marriages fail - maybe more. Arguments concerning contact with tip lines became heated as well. I'm responsible for Martha and Quinn and now maybe Betsy and Molly as well. Howie is kind of tired and the old lady, his mother, isn't doing well. Actually, I could make guesses, but they might well be spectacularly wrong and a guy doesn't want that haunting him ten years from now. This is well said, said Morgan le Fay, this is the knight that I would fain see. It was very amusing but I did not like it nearly so well as "Wilhelm Tell.". Hard work made us thirsty and hungry as well. And now, the trial being over, the good citizens of the Emerald City scattered to their homes, well content with the day's amusement. I just decided it was a fait accompli and we might as well address the situation as best we can. Verbs after as well as come in –ing form. It's such a big ranch and... well, haven't you ever considered hiring some help? asked Pierre, seeing his friend's strange animation with surprise, and noticing the glance he turned on Natasha as he rose. For if the boy had been as well painted as the cherries, the birds would have been afraid to come near him. The unspeakable deeds of this animal who held us were well known to me, vicariously, through the notes of Howie's visits to his past. How well I remember the graceful draperies that enfolded me, the bright autumn leaves that wreathed my head, and the fruit and grain at my feet and in my hands, and beneath all the piety of the masque the oppressive sense of coming ill that made my heart heavy. We paid for the swimming pool so we might as well use it. His reputation for being rough on rookies was well earned. I stood up but she did as well and grabbed me in a tight hug. Writer Jane Austen once suggested that a woman, especially if she has the misfortune of knowing anything, should conceal it as well as she can. She'd hoped not to lose the man she loved as well. Well, show me where you're things are and I'll take them out to my truck while I wait. Mr Savino has been charged with three murders, 18. I knew my own mind well enough and always had my own way, even if I had to fight tooth and nail for it. "Well," he commented nonchalantly, "It's none of my business.". Hospitals clean up real well and we weren't exactly Johnnie-on-the-spot getting there. "I'm pleased you got along with Martha well enough "I feel sorry Howie, for getting stuck with the lab room, but in general he seems in good humor, considering his condition.". I xplained Howie wasn't the sharpest blade in the knife drawer and he didn't react well when pressured. The screen can display simple graphics, 19. I'll treat you well, as long as you remain loyal. good luck. "Well," Adrienne began, and then paused when Brandon cleared his throat. You might as well make it on your terms, ordering him to submit, rather than begging and mauling him like an animal. There was little sound from the kitchen as well. "Well, my Highness would like some oats," declared the horse. It was a hot evening and they were well back from the fire. : It has been well said that words are inadequate to describe the nuances of taste. How to use well in a sentence. He'd settled in quite well and even purchased a car. The horse cantered briskly along, and king and boy were soon quite well acquainted. Carson is a good administrator. The economy makes new machines that replace manual labor because many thousands of people are paid very well to do so. [correct] In other words, when as well as is part of the subject, the verb must agree with the noun before as well as. His mother wasn't doing well and from what we could gather from his vague conversations, she wasn't expected to recover. The electronic equipment had disappeared as well. "Well, I will give three pieces of silver for all that are in the net," answered the merchant. My little pigeons are well, and so is my little bird. Fair words and foul deeds cheat wise men as well as fools. How to use well in a sentence. "Well, let's just say he was willing to tell me what lay in store for me," she answered flippantly. They develop methods for the accurate measuring and recording of boundaries of land as well as the sale thereof. 24. "I am well, ikir," came the mechanical reply. Cade should accept the responsibility of his actions as well. In the evening, when Prince Andrew had left, the countess went up to Natasha and whispered: "Well, what?". The seclusion she knew well, having been brought up less than five miles from this house. Using Good and Well as Modifiers. She stroked his hair and kissed his forehead, while tears coursed down her cheeks as well. Maybe. Well, I guess it's alright but I really don't know much. "I've successfully tracked Others and trained vamps with the tracking gift to do so as well," the vamp replied. Was it greedy to want one of their own as well? There is a holy, mistaken zeal in politics, 16. Return this book as soon as you can. she started with thoughtfulness. Then let me express a personal opinion as well. Seeing him well rested and well dressed pissed her off even more. State game officials are involved as well. She owns a car. Well, if you want to go that bad, then go. I know it all very well for Prince Vasili told me himself. Given the chance, Martha would have yelled as well, obviously agreeing that suggestion wasn't feasible. How can he remember well his ignorance--which his growth requires--who has so often to use his knowledge? Without doubt , the national bourgeoisie tends to vacillate , but we should , nevertheless, make use of its positive side, uniting with it. If I am unsuccessful there are others who may hold the answers I demand and I now have plans to get them as well. How to use as-well-as in a sentence. "Well, at last I've finished, now I'll rest," thought the prince, and let Tikhon undress him. There was only one way to find out... well, maybe two, but asking Sarah or Giddon was probably wasted effort. They also give us shade. You may as well ask your friend for advice. Most of the time, you don’t need a comma before as well as. The financial report this year was good. Well, if you change your mind, I'd be willing to take the risk. Well, I haven't seen her, but... what does the doctor say? "Well …" She hesitated, surprised at his persistence. (He was well acquainted with the senator, but thought it necessary on this occasion to address him formally.). "Well, it is this way," answered the man: "I bought a piece of ground from this neighbor of mine, and paid him a fair price for it. I updated him on all we'd learned, with the only good news that baby Claire was alive and apparently well. You know well enough what the Others will do in the human realm, the Watcher said. "But you ruled it wisely and well for many years," said she, "and made the people proud of your magical art. Exhaustion invaded her body and mind as well. It's just that... well, she doesn't understand him, she stammered. Fevered and shivering, she felt too weak and hungry to focus well, but the shape of the black hourglass was unmistakable. We can combine two sentences using as well as. I couldn't sleep well because it was noisy outside. Besides, Howie knows the consequences of discovery as well as we do. I didn't know him all that well but in my mixed up mind I was sure it was some sick way to make things right. Can you tell which of these sentences use the words good and well correctly as modifiers? "I bet that went well," Dusty said dryly. : As they enjoy well-deserved retirement, who is stepping up to take their place? I have no fear this woman will attempt to escape as she sees my knife and knows full well her daughter's life is in my hands. It would be nice to see Uncle Sam's grasping dogs coaxed to bay at the wrong tree as well. Well is an adjective describing I. Yes. Even people who know her fairly well have written in the magazines about Miss Sullivan's "mysterious telegraphic communications" with her pupil. She was going to have her lifelong dream as well as the dream she had recently developed - a life with Brandon. He spoke so well that everybody was pleased. That idea was troublesome to Carmen as well. Was she going to have her career and him as well? As well as definition: You use as well as when you want to mention another item connected with the subject you... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples I had to feel for the rails with my toe; but I was not afraid, and got on very well, until all at once there came a faint "puff, puff" from the distance. As well (as) meaning ‘in addition’. Well, he isn't interested in me, so the door is still open for you. The LeBlanc's located on Greenbriar Road in one of Keene's well established neighborhoods. "I was engaged for a while, but that … well, single, both of us," she said with a frown. In fact, maybe he didn't know her very well. Oh well, life was full of unpleasantness and this was a minor one. I will give you a call as soon as the decision comes through. The arrival of these texts—as well as Byzantium's own architecture, science, and art—triggered a sensory and intellectual explosion, which became the cultural movement we now call the Renaissance. She'd be helping Wynn out of Hell as well. / Accent Reduction / Accent Neutralization / Reductions / Linking / Improve Your American English Pronunciation / Improve Your Pronunciaton / Accent Training Audio Files / sound natural when I speak / accent modification / … Possible, provided that you add the commas as shown. I don't expect them or anyone else to make deals with you for me, she said, hurt as much by his words as the thought that there was no one outside of Hell who wished her well. The area is well suited to road cycling, 17. Well, if Brandon wasn't going to come to her aid... Well, any mother-in-law who isn't willing to baby-sit her own grandchildren isn't much of a grandmother. "Well, he's not in the house," Martha said. There is a holy, mistaken zea My crystal ball doesn't work as well as it should. However, the braille worked well enough in the languages; but when it came to Geometry and Algebra, it was different. Umm. He could be tender and thoughtful, as well as charming. The cure is designed to give your digestive tract and all the rest of you a well-deserved rest and thorough clean-out. 37. No one else would be capable of executing the dramatic capture of my nemesis and the lovely child as well. Complaints are the greatest offerings that God obtains from human beings. Well, Andy Jackson, get down here and clean the mud from my boots. Sentences Menu. A more casual version is "As you know,": As you know, you're supposed to go through me for any help you need with tech issues. While there was a comment that father Joe Calvia hadn't taken the news well, no details were given, and no calls from a hospital emergency room followed. "Well, you did tell him you would come down," she said. In borderline cases , the student's coursework is considered, 12. Looking over the largest vamp she'd ever seen, she had a feeling a confrontation between them wouldn't end well for her. When Prince Andrew spoke (he could tell a story very well), Natasha listened to him with pride; when she spoke she noticed with fear and joy that he gazed attentively and scrutinizingly at her. His mother must have been secretive as well. wish you well in a sentence - Use "wish you well" in a sentence 1. Explanation of the English phrase "As you're (well) aware, (sentence)": This expression introduces something that your reader or listener already knows, but you want to remind them of. I didn't sleep well but the carpet was clean in the morning. "How well you disguise it," said the Wizard. Three empty bedrooms were closed off to the heat, as well as a full bath that looked as though it hadn't been used in years. "Very well, ikira," he said with his usual stoicism. "Well, what does that lead up to?" 8. Good is an adjective while well is an adverb answering the question how.Sometimes well also functions as an adjective pertaining to health. 4. Rostov had become a bluff, good-natured fellow, whom his Moscow acquaintances would have considered rather bad form, but who was liked and respected by his comrades, subordinates, and superiors, and was well contented with his life. Hey, someone has to discover penicillin—it might as well be me. "As you're aware," is a formal phrase. She was comfortable in bed with him – yet silently panicking as well. When preparing meals, you need to think about variety and taste. “You may eat your lunch on the school lawn. Well, I hope I don't have a gallon of milk in there! "Well, I can make some oars," said Robert; "but I think there ought to be still another and a better way. Invest it well and it might get her a couple of years, the way prices keep going up. "Well, if you tried to kill her, you probably didn't help things," Darian said wisely. Well, he did say he would go because she and Jonathan wanted to. You might as well know right now that I wanted to buy your ranch so I could use the creek. "Julie did very well," Howie offered, speaking for the first time. Some powers to be thought that seeing as I'm not standing for reelection, they might as well get the office in shape for the new guy. Martha and Quinn idolized the town as well. Well, have you at last decided on anything? "Very well, I won't touch it," decided the kitten; "but you must keep it away from me, for the smell is very tempting.". I work as well as I sleep, he added, with a laugh. It was all working out very well for him. . We usually use as well at the end of a clause: We look forward very much to seeing you again and to … "Well, I'm honored to meet you," she said with what appeared to be genuine enthusiasm. "You know me too well," Jule said with a smile. Though his body didn't speak of it, she directed her power towards it as well. In the third sentence, an unequal emphasis is placed upon cat, suggesting that there is something notable about the action as it applies to the cat. She owns a motorbike. Well, he'd be in for a shock if we posted it. Well then, this! If the university invites one candidate to speak, all others will be invited as well. Well, Michael Ivanovich," he suddenly went on, raising his head and pointing to the plan of the building, "tell me how you mean to alter it....". As well is an adverb which means ‘also’, ‘too’ or ‘in addition’. Then you've played your part well, daughter. He visited several cities, and in each place he was well paid for his music. Martha wasn't doing well staying alone so she asked a bottle of Beefeater to keep her company. When you want to give an example for something you are writing about, you might use “like” as a conjunction. Soup was out of the question; it might as well have been a million miles away in the kitchen. But not everyone can do what we do, because we're, well, different than normal people. well example sentences. Well, we finally have the chance to be alone. (Entry 1 of 2) : and in addition : and brave as well as loyal. When you come home from Europe I hope you will be all well and very happy to get home again. "Well, it isn't," I said "We can all agree on that.". If democracy is to survive, it is the task of men of thoughts, 25. Whatever their reasons, they treated us well. 5. The plan has worked well as yet. "Well, let's go," said Denisov, and rode all the way to the watchhouse in silence and frowning angrily. Cade was actually kissing her - and very well. You might as well come in, was the surly response. The army had the revolt well in hand. You may as well as go to bed now. She cracked the door to squeeze her hand in the space as well as to tell the other driver not to worry about the car. Use well in a sentence. Exhaustion from the ordeal was taking its toll on Carmen as well, but she tried to stay awake. I've never met anyone who could evade a question as well as he can. Two complete sentences cannot be joined without proper punctuation. I have a toy for her to play with as well, don't I? Of course, that includes Pumas and coyotes as well. You are so discerning, Prince, and understand people's characters so well at a glance. 2. Definition of as well as. His magic is limited on the mortal world as well. The ceiling above us was divided with half the room beneath a concrete slab and the remainder under what appeared as thick planking, well out of reach to either of us. Well, I do need to freshen up, but I'll be back. In fact, things were going so well that she actually accepted an invitation to a valentine's party at Roxanne's house. To make matters worse, lately she had been dreaming of the ranch as well. Jonny wouldn't listen to his nagging sister, but he'd darned well listen to a man as terrifying as Dusty could be. I didn't do well … I know owls don't sing, but I didn't like the song birds as well as this guy. Without doubt, the national bourgeoisie tends to vacillate, but we should, nevertheless, make use of its positive side, uniting with it, 27. Plus, they will be able to convert heat to electricity as well, so anything that heats up will become an energy source. "Well, it's a bargain," said the boy; and he gave the whistle to Benjamin, and took the pennies. Both he and his mother seemed well informed and intelligent. I assume they have strong suspicions as well. Love lives in cottages as well as in courts. the verb want must agree with the noun preceding as well as in this case. as-well-as example sentences. The damn thing might as well had a sign on it, saying, hey, coppers, here I am! 29. "Well, I know what that is," he said to himself; and he wrote the word _turnip_ on his slate. To him, it was no different than artificially inseminating a cow at his clinic... well, the concept wasn't. The additional possibility of access to all humans' Digital Echoes, to be studied for a million unnoticed causal correlations, will hasten the demise of disease as well and will increase quality of life and longevity. Well, as I was hurrying along, I heard a great splash, as though something had fallen into the pool by the fountain. You're pretty well armed for a social visit. Come to think of it, maybe that thought troubled him as well. "Where to begin," Martha said, showing nerves as well. : Once well-deserved celebrations waned, the daunting task of finding a space loomed large. Another example is given below. This time he followed the main road for a while before dipping off onto a well used trail. Creeping around campgrounds at midnight didn't seem like a well thought out plan. Write to me as soon as you reach there. I'm baffled and I don't travel well in the state of confusion. "That doesn't bode well for either of you," Dusty said at last. Well, for starters, I'd have had to compete with every other guy in school. Study the example given below. Well, there are a lot of reasons we don't get along. He probably thought she was getting serious about him as well. Well, we should have thrown both men into prison, and the treasure would have been given to the king. Well-being in a sentence. She winced and pulled away, remembering the pain too well. Nature is as well adapted to our weakness as to our strength. While surprised to see him there, she was struck by how well Jake fit in with the other men. I thought they desired the freedom of their fellow men as well as their own. It was like walking in water and I almost lost my balance but after a few steps, I could control my motion pretty well. Well, Prince, so Genoa and Lucca are now just family estates of the Buonapartes. I don't think an admission they were dealing with a psychic or someone with supernatural abilities would sit well with their suit and necktie image. Pulling into a well lit empty parking lot, she parked the car to the side. Surely Yancey wasn't involved in art theft as well. The same evening that the prince gave his instructions to Alpatych, Dessalles, having asked to see Princess Mary, told her that, as the prince was not very well and was taking no steps to secure his safety, though from Prince Andrew's letter it was evident that to remain at Bald Hills might be dangerous, he respectfully advised her to send a letter by Alpatych to the Provincial Governor at Smolensk, asking him to let her know the state of affairs and the extent of the danger to which Bald Hills was exposed. There's a mini-library in each classroom. He drove the team relentlessly until they were well out of town. Age is no better, hardly so well, qualified for an instructor as youth, for it has not profited so much as it has lost. The plan has worked well. Well, whatever we do, I'd like to do it as a family. Well, at least you won't have mice in the woodshed. I can't imagine that will go well for her. "Well, boy, what have you got?" All is well and good until things turn down for a nation. We can combine these two sentences using as well as. "This is working too well," Han said, eyeing her. It should be said that any double-case watch with the crystal removed serves well enough for a blind person whose touch is sufficiently delicate to feel the position of the hands and not disturb or injure them. While Martha is my kindred spirit, Quinn and I always got along fairly well the few times we're all gotten together. I’ll let you know the result as soon as it is made public. I've lingered too long in one campground as well. Mom said Dad hasn't been feeling well, and he won't go to the doctor. "Well, I'll climb up when I get back, then," said the boy, with a laugh. Example sentences with the word as-well-as. Obviously the long week was taking its toll on him as well. I wish you well with your future reference finding . Their souls already linked, all that was left was for their bodies to become one as well. For example: Besides being an intelligent and tough businesswoman, she is, as well, an impassioned teacher. Glancing through the open door of the adjoining room where I'd left Howie, I found it not only empty, but absent of Quinn's equipment as well! said Nicholas. He's linked to other kidnappings and killings as well. "Well, then, let's get started," Damian said and motioned for the vamp to follow as he strode towards the house's back door. Well I'm not sorry, and I don't know why you should be. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. Well guys, I hate to leave such good company, but I'm so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open. 1. And he was said to be so well educated and clever. use "as well as " in a sentence He was a great poet as well as a doctor. The condition of the operatives is becoming every day more like that of the English; and it cannot be wondered at, since, as far as I have heard or observed, the principal object is, not that mankind may be well and honestly clad, but, unquestionably, that corporations may be enriched. He was always right, even when he told her to ask Damian something he knew very well. While it was hard to tell his height when he was seated, he looked to be Sean's size, well over six feet tall. Such a mistake is called a run-on sentence. Well that is a tricky question but i would say at the start of a sentence people would often use "I" at a start of sentence. The word “also” can appear many places in a sentence or clause. "I might as well roust up the rest of the family—so's Maria can meet 'em," he said as he went over to Martha's bedroom door, knocked and entered, closing the door behind him. I’d like to come to see the doctor as soon as possible. Not when everything else was working out so well. I'm well practiced in this art as I've done so many times before! Other countries vary the coloring of their bank notes, 16. When preparing meals, you need to think about variety and taste. Surely you have time off as well, otherwise, how would you have time to come all the way out here. You certainly play the piano well. Here are a few. 267+25 sentence examples: 1. Well, if that was what worried you, I'd have told Mom to bring a steak. Could you give me some medicine? Part of the question here is this: should the verb conjugation agree with you or with he or with the collection of you and he. A conjunction is a part of speech that is used to connect words, phrases, and clauses to each other. As well, you may eat your lunch in the student union. Well, it's good that you're getting to be yourself again. Well, I'm afraid I must be leaving. Kind of a drag, but he meant well and his old lady's cooking was something. Examples: You did a good job. The underground world was well built and bright with whitewashed walls lining corridors wide enough for two people to walk side by side. The sentence must contain a subject and a verb, otherwise, it will be considered a sentence fragment, not a complete sentence. The company provides well for its employees, offering good retirement and health-care benefits. Well; sometimes girls are more sensitive about things. he asked with a brusqueness that caught her off guard. All in all, we were getting along admirably well considering how much time we spent in each other's company. Well is an adverb describing how the job was performed.. She might as well pick the time and the place. But I must be certain as it may well be the one I slayed as she squatted ignominiously on the toilet. As well as means ‘in addition to’. His bay gelding had the sleek lines of a racehorse and the look of endurance as well. Well, maybe you should be - a little, anyway. 2. We’ll start as soon as it stops raining. You should inspect the car well before you buy it. There's a mini-library in each classroom,[sentencedict.com], 22. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. I … Well... Yancey, maybe you're the one I should be careful about. The Watcher smiled in response, and Damian knew well enough his kind truly thought themselves superior. Example sentences with the word well. "Well," Sarah amended, "I don't know that much about bears and things like that. He was not a very large man, but was well formed and had a beautiful face--calm and serene as the face of a fine portrait. I feel well. "Well, you will not find that man in Rhodes," said he. : The comic treatment offsets the grim subject matter and the film won a well-deserved trio of Oscars. The hot chocolate did its job, but not until well after five o'clock. Good describes job, which is a noun, so good is an adjective.. You did the job well. Your second 'sentence' is only a sentence fragment; it has no finite main verb. 7. Darian held out his as well, and Jule took both their hands, at once bombarded with Bianca's cool energy and Darian's hot energy. That he'd beat out the original Dark One in a deal did not bode well for her. If you knew Mr. Cade nearly as well as you think you do, you would know that he is actually very sensitive. "I know you well enough," he concluded tersely. "Play well together, or it's back to the kitchen with you, Charles," Damian warned. kebukebu My brother swims well. The thought must have occurred to Yancey as well, and he reassured Tammy in a voice choked with suppressed humor. Well, you haven't broken your record with me. He might as well learn that he wasn't going to dominate her. I'd planned to wait until Betsy and Molly returned from walking Bumpus but I decided if I had to drive back into downtown Keene, I might as well swing by Wheelock Park Campground as it was on the way, at least sort-of. I never expected him to be capable of treating you well. Well, I have here a puzzle which I think will test your wisdom. phrase. Using a comma turns the thing you’re talking about with as well as into an aside–information that’s less important than the … No, that is wrong structure. ‘Thing is, you see, if you have to drive into town to lunch, you might just as well shop there.’ ‘So you may as well get used to the idea of assuming some sort of online identity now.’ ‘They realise that they may as well get a job sooner rather than wait another couple of years.’ "Martha hasn't made up her mind about flying out to the funeral but if she goes, she'll take Claire as well," my wife said, with a note of sadness in her voice. 4. Economically, that hasn't turned out as well as they had hoped. Well, scarcity is just another word for "we don't know how to get it.". Even if you join such complete sentences with a comma, it would be considered a comma splice. Well, yeah, but you also drink a Coca-Cola every day, too. Her Guardian was ramrod straight as well, sensing whatever Jule sensed. Brandon must have wanted something different as well. Well, maybe it does for some people, but not a hard hearted old witch like me. 5. Well, since you just graduated, my guess is that this is your 20'th. Well, if I was in your shoes, I'd see my doctor about some form of birth control. When Dorothy gently touched her nose and ears and lips they seemed to be well and delicately formed. "It is well," said he, "that neither a merchant nor a fisherman shall have it; for such men think only of their business and care really nothing for beauty.". Hatred is blind as well as love. It was always young girls so I started looking at old unsolved cases; missing children as well as murders. I will write to you as soon as I can. 14. "Well," said the teacher, "you can write words, can you not?". "Try to serve well and show yourself worthy," added he, addressing Boris with severity. "Well, well!" Well, it doesn't look like you're all that scared of me right now. As well as, going through the common failures of requests to grasp an understanding of why it failed, and how to resolve the issue. Cassie, I'm not leaving you, so you might as well try to go on. But I'll warn you as well: if you speak in riddles to Dusty, he'll cut your heart out. "Well thanks," he said, and went into a coughing fit. The implication is that any time they nursed, they felt pain as well, to learn at an early age that there is no pleasure to be had in life without pain. As long as they haven't completed initiation … well, I don't know. You can listen to each sentence as you read it. inquired Denisov. Inside was everything she had ordered - as well as a box of chocolates. I don't feel well. Well... they had been flirting with each other in the car. Otherwise, it's just as well we never see each other again. The milkers would let me keep my hands on the cows while they milked, and I often got well switched by the cow for my curiosity. said the Wizard; "are there really people in this room?". Well, I'm not sure I'm going to give her one," the young man answered. He'd met Jenn once and didn't know her well enough to know where she'd be. I mean... well you being my employer and all. Granted, she hadn't heard anything, but she knew Darkyn well enough to know he didn't plan on leaving anyone alive. 3. Our stocks performed well during the third quarter. Just when things look dark, well, they actually get worse. Well, yes I do, but I don't know why I gave in to temptation at a time like that. This use of “as well as” is similar to the correlative “not only…but also,” but the emphasis falls on the element that precedes “as well as.” Even … Her first impression was confirmed—the men in the room were UFC material, all well over six feet and solid. good vs. well Synonym Discussion of well. Make sure Bianca's phone is tagged as well. You are looking well, Zamon, for being a million years old. Definition of 'as well'. You may want to talk to the occupant as well, he said. She searched out other tip line numbers and the Warwick Police as well. When I first made this list, it had well over one hundred entries. "Yeah. (This might sound really strange to a non-native speaker, but the … I called in the DC Sector for support as well. It may not be technically correct to use “As well,” at the beginning of a sentence from a grammatical standpoint. Well, the Internet is bigger than air conditioning. Your natural expectation would be that they would talk, at least as well as Scooby does. He is well known because of an extraordinary practice. She was filled with a sense of well-being. All in all, both sentences convey the same meaning, but the first one uses ‘as well’ at the end of the sentence while the second sentence use ‘also’ before the verb. Anything that looks too much like The Matrix movies or The Terminator movies is just, well, kind of creepy. "He was well and happy when we left Italy," they answered. We trudged through the next few weeks marginally well though the schedule was exhausting to all and, in spite of our efforts, our other lives were suffering. "Well, what if our roles were reversed?" That notwithstanding, de Tocqueville's "voluntary associations" are still alive and well in the United States. "Well, then," said the teacher, "you may take your slate and go out behind the schoolhouse for half an hour. Tammy could swim almost as well as Lisa, but Sarah couldn't swim at all, confessing unabashed that she was afraid of the water. The very well documented corn dole of ancient Rome is one of many cases. 3. Well, he has a home office and he goes there pretty often, but I can't figure out what he's doing. Tammy was well mannered and required little supervision. Tom bought a really expensive, well-made pair of shoes. said the horse, now thoroughly provoked. Well, it's only been a few weeks since we confessed. Damian gritted his teeth, unable to unleash the blow that could destroy them all in a blink without taking out Sofia as well. In attendance on him was the head of the imperial staff, Quartermaster General Prince Volkonski, as well as generals, imperial aides-de-camp, diplomatic officials, and a large number of foreigners, but not the army staff. 4. This answer pleased the rich man so well that he bought Aesop at once, and took him to his home on the island of Samos. Well, I don't like Anna Mikhaylovna and I don't like Boris, but they were our friends and poor. Stop patronising me - I understand the play. Well, he did spend a lot of time with his mother. We could decide today to end it—by, well, simply deciding to. I know you as well as I know anyone else. Well, if you do exist, Mister or Missus Psychic, I'll find you first and smash you and your crystal to bloody dust! : It has been well said that music is entitled to a place in our materia medica. loveCZI have seen it being used at the end of a sentence, but I am not very certain if it could be used in the middle of a sentence. All Rights Reserved. We are responsible for the care and well-being of all our patients. Fair words and foul deeds cheat wise men. "Your brother's … special as well," the man said. "Well," Bordeaux conceded, sliding his plate away. In borderline cases , the student's coursework is considered, 30. "Are you well?" It served her well in her position as a spy. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. To do great work a man must be very idle, 5. I had a nice time. His sense of humor wasn't well understood by many. Seems he kept that secret from you as well, ikir. Therefore, could you please tell me if it is valid for it to be used in the middle like the word - … "Very well, then," said the shah, "stay with me a little while and observe what you can.". "Well, well!" .Cynthia and I both love you and I think you love us as well. "Well, where did you disappear to?" And Cade had become more solemn in the last few weeks, as if he sensed her dilemma and felt uncomfortable as well. The fire flickered feebly, its passion curbed by time as well. If he had lied to her, he might have cheated as well. Jim Haynes has had well over 100,000 people come over for dinner. "Unfortunately, there are a lot more slugs like Otto what's-his-name as well," I said. The old prince knew very well that he tormented his daughter and that her life was very hard, but he also knew that he could not help tormenting her and that she deserved it. I'm well aware of his reputation, though. You have to stay true to your values while destroying something as well. Well, if he's under there, he's going to be stuck there for a while. It didn't hurt he's old enough that he's had time to build his power as well. Cade was her boss, and thinking such things was not only disrespectful of him, but job threatening as well - especially if he suspected the existence of such thoughts. Stop patronising me - I understand the play, 15. asked one of the robbers, as he pulled Otanes from his horse. Youth is the season of hope, enterprise, and energy, to a nation, 26. If she had stayed with her husband and they had more children, would he have felt financially responsible for the others as well? The whale is well known to be the … Well, whatever I am, I'd better get home. "Well, good-by!" Well, it doesn't matter anyway, I suppose. In the south of Sudan, cattle are used as currency, as well as providing food, drink, clothing, and fuel. As well as is a conjunction that means in addition. It's just that... well; it's not your responsibility. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. "Well, my boy," said King Henry, "which do you think is the king?". : It has been well said of him that he never became either a pedant or a doctrinaire. Jonny sensed him as well and looked up, confusion and fear crossing his face. However, I think there is a certain acceptance to its usage after a sentence which you are relating the “As well” sentence to. The finer traits of Miss Keller's character are so well known that one needs not say much about them. Exactly. When Betsy mentioned telling the After people, a thought struck me that the death of Owen Bryce, once known to our friends at After would probably tie me directly to the tipster as well. It was Christmas morning and all was not well. You seemed to be doing well enough on your own. Watch yourself; you're public and he might very well target you or your people. "Well, dear heart," said he, "I wanted to tell you about it yesterday and I have come to do so today. The balance of the weekend went well after a slow start. Was he falling in love as well, or was he simply taking what he could get? Seeking mental help was a logical decision and I think it's working out well. Yes, if done in proper sentence format you can end many sentences with well. Damian knew him well enough to know all the tales weren't true. I was just ... well, the storm was so violent, and it was so cold. Well, maybe your buddy Jake Weller came running when you yelled hide-and-seek, but I don't. Making swords actually paid better or at least as well as making plowshares. She might as well have been dropped out of the sky by a clumsy stork. Yeah, well she probably never took a whip to your father, but there's always a first time, Anyway, I guess she was pretty worked up. "Well, General, it all looks like war," as if regretting a circumstance of which he was unable to judge. Martha and I know each other far too well to ever be lovers. In professional writing, however, you could use the phrase “such as” because it sounds more formal. When we put a verb after as well as, we use the -ing form of the verb. He's got two boys that... well, calling them a handful would be an understatement. said Prince Andrew, bending over to Alpatych. "Well, let's take care of that," she said. "Well?" Anyway, with all the money in his family and the good looks as well, he couldn't hold a candle to Brandon in the charm department. It's just that... well, after that, it all happened so fast. 2. Business makes a man as well as tries him. Not even a year had passed since the stabbing, but he had been doing well. and he tore up the note, and by so doing caused the old countess to weep tears of joy. To make this clearer, I'm going to give two answers: in the first one, I replace 'as well as' with 'and.' Well definition is - an issue of water from the earth : a pool fed by a spring. I'm sure he meant well, but his lecture wasn't what Howie, and to a lesser extent Betsy, wanted to hear. You know Martha; she doesn't do no very well. Also, as well or too ? But he threw it upon his shoulders and seemed well satisfied. Well, Bordeaux was just the man to help her forget it - if he'd only dedicate his attentions to Darcie. 28. John, as well as Mary, wants to drop the course. She glanced around, noting several objects covered with cloths, as well as a box that sat on a table beside the door. I can't see well enough yet to know what happens, but it scares me. In Africa, most genetically engineered crops that could grow well there are not welcome. It's an heirloom of sorts; a big old house - too much for me to take care of and work the ranch as well. Trees give us fruits as well as shade. Well, that tells us something new about ourselves—in fact, a lot of things: the kinds of information we want to share, the kinds of information we want to consume, and the immediacy with which we want it all to occur.

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