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Home Again: Followup to Hold On To Anything You Can

The sky is a crisp blue against the array of earth-toned leaves still hanging on to their perches. Squirrels dig, industrious, through the crackling fallen, searching out nuts, insects, whatever it is that squirrels search for at times like this….
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Hold On To Anything You Can

A yellow flower

My mom always had a garden, everywhere we lived. That’s the first line of a eulogy I’ve already begun writing for her. Here’s one of my notes, jotted down during a doctor appointment this time: …the clinical staff seem really…
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About Them Broads…

Some years ago, I came across a fledgling organization called Broad Universe, aimed at helping women spec-fic writers around the world. I thought it sounded neat, so I signed up; since then, other than dutifully renewing my membership every year,…
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Friday Friday, Thank You Friday

I don’t have much to talk about this week–or rather, I do, but it’s not a topic for a Friday post. Fridays are about Fiction, these days. Other stuff–politics, rants, photos of my garden–go somewhere else. So about Fiction. First…
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