Decisions, Decisions….

Snow covered trees

Going back through all the old blog posts and web site pages, I’ve come to the following conclusion:

  1. Most of it isn’t worth keeping live, because:
    1. It’s outdated
    2. It’s not as well written as what I’m doing today
    3. It’s a scattered mess of random topics
    4. Honestly, nobody was reading it anyway

That was all okay when I was starting out six years ago, finding my feet as it were; at this point, I need to pick a focus and stay with it. So the site is going to have a lot less “stuff” scattered around, and a tighter focus on writing both from the creative and business standpoint.

That will also make it a whole, WHOLE lot easier to rebuild this site. I should have everything finished by Christmas with this approach. In the meanwhile, I’m putting a skeleton version up public, just so that there’s something for folks to look at while I tidy up the rest of it.

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