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*may contain some swearing**

**All right, a lot of swearing***.

***Sorry not sorry.



Fuck housework, fuck checking Twitter and Facebook, fuck returning phone calls, fuck opening the mail, just write. Once word count for the day is reached, THEN I can do all those things–and the other stuff on this list.


Boost other writers and artists.

There are way too many fucking amazing, talented folks out there who still don’t have the visibility they deserve. I’m especially going to continue and refine my focus on marginalized groups: women, POC, handicapped, neurodivergent, and basically anyone the fuckheads of the incoming administration are afraid of.



I want to learn new things. I want to develop a broader knowledge base, so that when I go to a SFF convention I can tick more boxes to speak on more panels and not have a glazed look half the time while I pretend to know what the fuck people around me are talking about. Watching movies and reading books qualifies as research in this context: not exactly be a burden. But this is going into my dayplanner as Reserved Time, not leisure activity.

And it will give me blog post material, so this ties into priorities one and two. Hooray for intersectional activities!


Stay connected.

I lost too many people in 2016. Not just the celebrities that everyone mourned: I lost people close to home, close to my heart. More than once, I’d been thinking “I really ought to call and check in on so and so”–only to have the phone ring or FB beep a notification that so-and-so was now permanently unavailable for phone calls. Death is a part of life, but damnit, life is a part of life too, and it’s time I reached out and made a consistent effort to let people know I love them before death takes them on to the next adventure.


My health.

I have to stay healthy in order to accomplish the above goals. I have to go to the chiropractor more often, and sign up for the gym, and watch my weight, and be overall positive in my attitude. This is going to be a really fucking awful challenge for me, which is one reason it’s so low on the list. I want to focus on the uplifting stuff first, and build up a bank of happy that will carry me over the sandbar of Being Healthy. But this is officially going on the list for 2017. It’s going to have time set aside in my scheduling book and everything.


Cut back on swearing.

No, really, I fucking mean it, I need to watch my fucking mouth. I have grandkids, goddamnit, and some people who follow me don’t like all the shitty swearing I have in my books and… ya know what, fuck it, I’ll swear as much as I like. Let me try that again.


Learn to like myself for who and how I am.

Yeah. I can get on board with that version. I’m pretty fucking awesome just the way I am. Everyone has flaws and quirks to work on. That’s part of being human. But what I think are flaws, other folks think are fabulous quirks, and vice versa. So I’m just going to muddle on through and do the best I can with what I have, and celebrate myself as gorgeous inside and out.


Keep lists short.

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