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black ops 3 not working 2020

FIX THE FREAKIN SERVER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! Someone sort this out for once!!!!! I still grind on zombies treyach needs to fix this fast bro. Over and over. Network settings. Feb 3, error code A B C F G H J K N Q U W X Y Z a… cant connect to online, ABC Error Cant Login, Nova Scotia, Canada, I know right! I hade checked my internet and allt thai kind of things…, When i want to connect to online it says someging with call of duty maintenance code abcdef. This is a big rip off $65 can’t play online why isn’t it being fixed? Nothing like paying for service they cannot provide. If I just rapidly click on the join game button I can sometimes get into a match but I don’t have enough time to change what type of game (TDM, Dom, KC, etc) before it disconnects again. This is frustrating and needs to get fixed urgently. Got some BS error code A.-.B.-. Other than a cannot install message and the Black Ops 3 beta download being really slow, everything is running now without issues. You guys could’ve worked on this game for 6 years and it’s still would be crap. I feel like I am playing advanced warfare again. Has any got zombies chronicles but all the maps are just black and graphics dont load in please reply asap so i know its not only me, This is absolute crap. Random disconnect from the server on Xbox One. They Need To Fix This Now. Crap, Ok so now version has changed to How about reliable servers and a logical maintenance schedule. same problem here ?thanks guys!appreciated! kind regards, First just restart the Xbox and then try to play the game and then take it out and close application and reload game (will take some time) worked for me, My number in the top right is what’s yours, Does anyone know if this is even being looked into? Servers down when Double XP !!!!! Even when someone invites me, it says “error: lobby not joinable” Help??? im in baltimore perfect wired connection,and it keeps telling me that cannot connect to the servers. Was plating BO3 all day now cannot connect to online. Am I ever going to be able to play multiplayer again!!?? I’ve tested my connection and it’s 30mbps DL 13mbps UL and game version is and I don’t have this problem on any other game I play I hope they can fix or give pointers to fix this problem because the game is fun to play. Btw on the website it says that “all online services are fully operational” for PS4&PS3, XBOXone & 360 and PC. Before The ‘Elite Strike Force,’ Rudy Giuliani Did Some Black Ops Work First Major Biglaw Firm Matches The 2020 Cravath Bonus Scale The Or-Ackman Of … (Although pink spikes could be the reasoning since randomly spikes jump to 175+ on a regular basis in most games I’ve tried to play). You sell a game thatxdoesnt even work properly and then have no support except Twitter who has never gotten back to me. Crap i cant even see my saved games on campaign.. I haven’t been able to play properly. Can’t get into a game, keeps kicking us out. For The Last WEEK 1/2, COD BO3 has Been Extremely Unstable. Just to let all Black Ops 3 players know, the PSN servers have issues and are down for many right now. Zombies load slow and player quit the game server drops you. Im trying to playin in the same room teo different xboxes and it says room is not joinable. The main reason I bought this game was to play online with my friend! Yesterday was CRAZY laggy, March 4th. Wtf. You’re fairly close to losing a loyal customer Treyarch.. I’ve had problems since day one with C.O.D. Its happened before and the only thing that seemed to work is uninstalling and installing the game but I do not want to be waiting hours just for it to reinstall. Join lobby. I have the same problem where I bought the digital version but it is asking me for a disk or saying it has a problem loading , Hey mine has the same a..b………f…..g prob sucks february 21. That’s what I did and it worked. It’s Friday Feb. 19 and I have A.B.-.-.-F.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. I would accept dialed back graphics for a working game. I have to put my box in offline just to play local because I get “Connecting to Online Service” and then it says Checking Files / Downloading and it loops between those forever, left it for like 2hours nothing. In order to download the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, PlayStation 3 users must have 40 GB of available storage space. Cant connect to servers. Same here. Reset my routers and still nothing. ABC error. holland error code a.-.-.-.-f.g.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-t.-.-.-.–..-.-.-.-, i get server 5000000000 then puts me on LAN play which im not happy about because all i wonna do when kids are sleep is play blacks ops 3. disconnecting every 10 seconds from a game so I’m basically a sitting duck, anyone have any fixes? Blacks ops 3 server has been down for 3 weeks now whats going on? Damn! It wasn’t 2 and a half hours ago I was playing online. Once you notice those things click on multiplayer and voila you’re in. I have tried my router etc….. All of my other games work fine. I am in Washington state, connecting to server in Iowa??? It’s not my Internet cause it happens with no other game and today it keeps migrating host every game and kicking me out of every game even though my ping is fine. My top right says, Bops3 game freezing up terrible lag no fun last few days real glitchy it’s a bunch a horse sh__, Same prob for 2 days keep getting errorand disconnecting from servers cant find games online takes ages to find a game nothing but problems with black ops 3 servers are crap. Black Ops 3 has failed to launch since 17th June, i just get “updating call of duty…” The Steam and Treyarch help desks are a jokeand trying to contact them a waste of time. Its said downloading and checking files. Then my bro decided to go with the main xfinity router without the 2nd router and this ABC errors occur all day…12 hrs of research and found this guy say something like Comcast and Sony WiFi don’t work well together. I bought BO 4 ,but prefer BO3. If you’re using a 64-bit OS, note that Black Ops II is a 32-bit game and may have issues running it. Ps4 – Cannot connect, wait at the home screen until i receive version 33.25.23. This is ridiculous! It’s worked for me every time. people we all of to stand up, this delayed is going on for for too long an it hurt not to be able to enjoy my money spent on this fucking Black Ops 3 game. All I get now is it trying to connect online with “checking files”. Fix? Bunch of Cheating Call of Duty games SUCK. Connected direct. Xbox one issue. I get the alphabet error so I tried on my other one and it connects. By clicking SUBMIT, you agree to the SMS terms and agree that Activision may send you text messages at the above number about your customer service request. 15th Feb. Same problem here it’s 3:55pm and still the same error code A.B.C.-.-F.G.H… But it’s only an update as you can see and the top right corner of the screen there’s some numbers if they change its that its updating mine where and changed to but it is still not letting me play online I guess the update it’s not finished yet. Cya on the battlefield. Hi again! Have stupid ABC error code! I have 65m download on my network but my download on the COD servers is only at 4101kbps. ?PLEASE DO get backta me if yes OR NO,ASAP?? I restart my xbox but it keeps on happening, Not so fast its happening on xbox one too activision and treyarc just has connection issues with black ops 3, So I got mine fixed I just kept on pushing the rety button for almost an hour and it fixed it, Yeah bro that works it work on mine x and then circle mjltiple times it trigger the patch. What’s worse is the COD website proudly says all the servers are operational which is bullshit. I guess we can expect some server downtime though while they perform hot fixes over the next few days. Good job Trey-Arch. Anyone else on Xbox One and getting Black Ops 3 beta code invalid errors? Nothing. Seems that BO3 servers are down again on Xbox One specifically, Oct 28. A game away from 3rd prestige. My Internet is perfect. Very upset, PC, game is crashing after every match for 2 days now. 3 years to put out a cod we cant even play..on new gen, old gen, pc…nobody can play it. Fixed it by using custom DNS settings. is there anyway we can contact treyarch ? My boyfriend and I play in the same room. Done with COD. Error and it’s kicked me off the last two games I played saying it can’t connect to servers.. Leave it to Call of Duty to be moneywhores and ruin a good fps game. So over it. Sell the game, Everytime i get to like round 10 or 28 it will start lagging and saying trying to connect to host, Mine shows the guy on the screen on zombies is fuzzy and the game won’t load. Hi. Found anything out since then? Same here i dont know how but my connection is fine while joining any one else. Turn on pc. Cannot enter a game, analysing games then nothing happens. Haven’t been able to play online at all. Just like to point out, I have both PS4 and Xbox one and to be honest I can easily spot the difference. Fix this please, Error code a.-.-.-.f.g.h.i.j.k.-.-.n.o.p.q.-.s.t.u.-.w.-.-.z. Sometimes I will get in a lobby in multiplayer and the timer will stop at 20 for some reason and the match won’t start, sometimes zombies will freeze the hole xbox but I still enjoy the game lol. Also keep disconnecting me from the servers. Mine updated at second screen but still gave me error code, My friend was finally able to get on by join a invite so have a friend send a invite join it hope this helps, Server site says defcon 3, I think you need to change that. Please help all of us and fix this stupid issue! Good so it’s just not me. Trying to log on today and its doing the same thing ffs, I cant connect to black ops 3 servers for two days now…, Keeps saying connecting to online service and goes up in % then goes back to 0% tried everything fuck bo3 is a joke! Then repeat. Then I could not get online because I was stuck at version Same for anyone else?? Monopoly, chess, snakes or ladders anyone? Can you say boycott or law suit! It says the black ops 3 server is not available. It usually is able to connect after doing this 5-10 times. 5/10/2020 Cannot find a lobby. I’m in a party with 4 people but cannot connect to COD. BO3 Server not available at this time. round 14 connection interruption?? I can’t tell if the servers are having issues in my area or genuinely no one plays the game anymore, Keep getting migrating host 1 min in and then everyone drops. I hope this helps. It’s getting very annoying, does anyone have any sugestions? There seems to be some incompatibility betweens Black Ops II and FRAPS, so you can give that a try. Ignore the shortcut created by Steam. Been like it for 4 days now. All of my friends are on, but I can’t get on. In the main Afterburner interface, adjust the. Saying: A.B.-.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Estoy una hora y media tratando de conectarme de da error abc..fg y mi pantalla principal no cambia del alguien encontró alguna solución? With all the glory though, there is also some player nagging. I could give 2 sh*to if my shotgun range is 2% further now. Anyone else having issues? Anyone have any fixes? Hope its fixed tomorrow, This is absolute bullsh*t. I finally have enough for the season pass and then this happens. Im thinking its the servers, if you play on Xbone or x360. Lag issues continúes evento post october patch. My internet is perfect but it keeps putting me on a LAN network and when i press ‘Play Online’ it doesnt go to online, So i go to play Black ops 3 at 7:00pm aug 6 2016 but when i turn on the game to go to online it brings up the cheacking files menu like normal and then says downloading so im like ok new conent but every time the % hits around 50 a FIX IT, TREYAAARCH!! I found that the times when I couldn’t get a match in any lobby, I had backed out of the game while i was still in the multiplayer lobby(started watching netflix without completely backing out of the multiplayer lobby). COD is dead. only offline error: cannot connect to call of duty black ops 111 online services the server may be undergoing maintenance, or may be experiencing a network iinterruption. Trying to get on black ops 3 for the past hour and the number on the top right hand of the screen says and I keep getting an error code A.B.C.-.-.F.G anyone know how to fix this I just played it yesterday, not working for me either was playing it last night now i cant still have version and still being told the servers are not available, the call of duty black ops 3 server is not available at this time please try again later or visit, error code A.B.C.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-, at the top right hand coner the numbers read, Have same issue on ps4. I’ve had the same issue but on Xbox one You’re basically connected to the server at the exact same point that you left the game in before, if that makes any sense. can’t login to beta. It wont even let me download it. I checked other online games like NFS which is only online and that works perfectly. you people do realize this is all on purpose right? I lag every 20-30 seconds. hey mate i am also having this same issue, any luck? Even got frozen out of Zombies The Giant. Even though my NAT type is open as well!! It tells me error code…A.B…..F.G….. Yep I get the same error message. it must be a xbox thing. between waiting on the servers to let me online and searching google for how come there is all these ridiculous lag issues im experiencing on a 17ms ping connection to the closest dedicated server i’ve spent more time doing that than actually enjoying this game.Also snipers are completely ruined for absolutely everybody not just quick scopers and aggressive snipers but then if you swap to your side pistol you will outgun all other classes easily. We all pay for our electric, consoles, online membership, internet. still getting the abc error even after restart and my version number is, been nearly 4 hours of trying and still can’t connect on xbox one and xbox 360 and of course the kids are unhappy and don’t believe others are also having the same issues :/, I can’t connect on 360…says find 50 servers bit can’t connect. Getting ABC error code… click on menu button to check network status and game says I am not connected to the call of duty server.. All other games work fine. And by the way….the new modern warfare SUCKS!!! It is feb 3, 2016 and here i am having this problem. Frustrated like many others. It becomes very laggy. And they say everything is working fine. My patience is running out, and it seems like Treyarch doesn’t care about updates. E.. F server problem Mine has been flawless for about two months and then the latest update was installed and now finding matches is awful and games often freeze and quit. It’s really easy for me to find a match on xbox one and i almost never lag out. I’ve been wait on the title screen for five fu.king minutes and still suck on… help? EVERYONE IS PLAYING BATTLEFIELD AND RAINBOW SIX. Thank you, thank you so much! I hope you get this fix and soon or become another game that could have be awesome. Is this on you all or is someone hacking the system. It doesn’t say why I was disconnected. Me and my brothers did the rev ee today and it didn’t give them anything from it and now they cant login because call of duty services are down it says, Fix this game!!!!! Nothing can save Black Ops. Thn got an update n thn bck to the same sh#t andits been 2 weeks now tried evrythng tht worked b4 nd now it doesn’t. i dont get that problem on pc. TREYARCH, U SHOULD TRY THAT AND STOP AVOIDING REAL TIME CALLS AND SUPPORT YOUR CRAPPY GAME. Good job I own the Xbox One, now I can play more on that platform for free. What does this mean? All get the abc…….error. Oh well!! Any idea when it will be fixed, if not, if I can get a refund? I’ve tried everything, restarted all my equipment and still no connection… Is the beta time over, has there been some sort of problem or what is this?! -Hurley, Wow! I literally rebought the game recently to play zombies exclusively with friends I got to play for like 4 hours left came back and it’s been stuck on this for two days. This game is NOT working as of the 13th of November 2015 in Australia NSW xbox one on xbox live network. It happens in every match I play online. I would like to add that I had no issues with connectivity throughout the rest of my PS4 applications. Do u know how to fix the problem when it says lobby not joinable. N 4 zeros n it’s been 15 mins. Allow the game to update in the main loading screen. Wow, opening from the update worked! ABC error. I’m stuck at the main menu. Today March 5th, server errors and totally unable to connect. Was able to log on fine earlier but after logged off and came back, now only receive abc error. you spend this much money and can’t even get online. Hi Bo3 servers for ps4 down, USA, pa. Error code: Been sitting at for over 15 minutes and can’t get online. Anyone have any ideas? It downloads, says checking files and then downloads again. So try it and if it works you’re welcome, happy gaming. So it could be my modem. Then randomly it will switch to checking files and do it over and over again. For 3 days now. We are on the Xbox one and we can’t split screen and join a party with our friends on multiplayer. Are guests not allowed? Please try again later. Ditto. Turned internet on and off and ps4 on and off multiple times. Some features may be temporarily unavailable.” What’s going on? Now it has cost me 30 cryptokeys during a rare supply drop and i didn’t get anything. Same problem here please help T.T This may be my last COD experience if the douches at Activision don’t get there shit tother. I feel for the kids that will be right annoyed when they can’t play the game especially on the 25th Dec when i imagine problems will peak !! Not down here in Maryland but lots of connection interrupted while on a green bar. I have an error code that says Sick of it now. I have the same problem, version I’m exactly the same mate. The error code I get it 0x80070079. I have the exact same problem. Seeing an error “Sorry, an unexpected error occurred” Even the Black Ops 3 status page cannot be displayed. Also I am getting interrupted Connections in almost every game. Now at version but still having abc error. Chaning DNS in the past had helped but its not working now. I have emailed both playstation, activision and Treyarch several times but still have gotten no response. We spend so much money buying cod merchandise and they cant even keep up with their “amazing” standards. I keep getting kicked from the servers. I just upgraded to faster internet with Xfinity and I get on my Xbox one and connect to the new internet connection and I started Black Ops 3 and joined a multiplayer match and it kept saying connection interrupted and eventually it would kick me out and it kept saying that every time I try and join a new match and my internet connection works fine on other games but Black Ops 3 right now and my internet connection is 75 megabytes per second so I don’t know what the problem is with Black Ops 3 right now. Same problem all day today, cannot connect from Phoenix…. Seriously so annoyed right now. I have been having the same problem for several months. Tells me that something is wrong and go to and when I do it does not help at all I just want to play Bo3 because I just spent 30 dollars for a dlc and can’t play it but I’ll try to disconnect my WiFi and see if I can play that way. No message from Activision about any maintenance schedule. I cannot join any parties and my friends cannot join me. i can’t even do zombie fine with my bros or even playing campagn!! WC-40383-8 maintenance loop error when selecting play online in the local mp menu. PRESS “PLAY LAN” — then once you’re on the LAN screen, press “Play Online”. I can’t joint thel and either them. Wait 10 minutes until you can actually get into a game and play all the way through without some sort of server error or disconnect THEN if you’re really lucky, you’ll get 2 games in before the the whole thing craps he bed and you have to start all over again looking for a game. Sudden maintenance message on PS4, anyone else? I click play online and I reconnect . Hell I’ve even bought dlc but nope.. can’t connect to servers. Restarted console and still doesnt resolve issue. it says cant connect to servers and the are in maintenance on pc and then after 5 min it crashes why!? I’ve got the same problem was once i gt it rite and played working fine. Can someone please fix the issue or at least give a better explanation as to what and why it’s happening!!! My friends can play but i cant, thanks for this BS ACTIVISION TO HELL WITH PUTTING EFFORT INTO A GAME YOU ALREADY MADE $$$$$. If you are getting the ABC Error code close the application and re launch. Hasn’t done this since Friday…. this on ps4 and tried restarting and turning of completely but still doing same! Error Code : ABC FGH JK N Q U WXY -a, Same here tell me if you fix it and how to fix it. so everyone chill the fuck out. Is there just nobody on black ops 3 anymore? if anyone could please help me i would appreciate it. Oregon USA , tried all tricks on activision and treyarch websites. This has been going on since this past Saturday. And all three times i was # 1 in points on my team. I fixed this problem by leaving my Xbox on the connecting screen for a while and when I came back it was working just like normal. I’m on Xbox One and Multiplayer Servers are working fine for me, but will not join me into a Zombies game. wtf.. wasted time.. fix this shit.. use some smarts.. older games functioned better.. Basically the same but, i just got the game and i was playing local for a bit. I haven’t been able to play BO3 for more than 7 months…. Black ops 3 version 1.25 update is on constant update loop. xbone – rubberbanding with great ping – only just started after the new weapons were released. I can’t even play Solo campaign without an internet connection?!?! I just got my son PS plus on PS4 so he could play call of duty BO3 and it keeps saying cannot connect to BO3 servers and that I am connected to LAN anyone else having this issue? Cant connect to online services. Round 35 and it boots me. Any advice?? 21 Feb error code A.B. Disappointed. Ive been getting a pop up every time i get on bo3 and it was couldn’t sync data from this profile or something like that (answer: remove and add your account from your xbox one) but then i tried it and it was gone and niw i get another pop up saying “Connecting To Online Service” and it always went from 10-35% until it restarted and said checking files. network error” and won’t connect. | 2020! A.B.-.-.-F.G.- Well this explains the last day or so for me…, No matter what I do, restart my router , restart my game , restart my system it doesn’t let me stay in a game n kicks me out with en error saying ” you have bin disconnected from cod black ops3 servers ” I also can’t be in a party with some people on my friends list.. Yep, I’m getting exactly the same thing. PC still having problems as i can’t get past the update issue. Click on the black ops 3 update it will start the game and get you online. something like that), This is fucking stupid yesterday it was perfectly fine now I got off playing INFINATEGAYWARE. Mostly playing multiplayer modes. hey guys same.probs here fkn happened like 5 days ago still not fixed. I had it working this afternoon, went to work and when I got home it’s been stuck at *POSSIBLE FIX* If you get that server errors playing on PC though wireless connection, enable your wired adapter and try again, this worked for me (through wifi) . Why are the servers still crazy? They are going to have to release hot fixes and just like they did on the ps4 they are going to release more maps . it’s the popular A.B.C.D….E… error code. You had about 3 years to do this cod. It took me 30 minutes to connect to online service then a further 15 minutes to find a game. The past few days it’s been just a few points shy of the mother ship. It shows fresh new game start.. Any one else facing same issues? 2 weeks later and still having issues finding matches, we have to pay to play online, yet you can’t play, they should be giving refunds! This is the WORST release of ANY game I have played in 35+ years…they should be ashamed to release such a product without checking for MAJOR bugs like people can’t connect! ?Please help?! Server error A.B.-.D.E.F.G.-.-.-.-.-.-. If you look at the server status it says that some people might experience problems. Can connect with one and not the other. There’s been many problems on top of this one and I don’t know what is going on but any advise would be appreciated. Have tried all tips and nothing works. Friend in OK, same. It’s a shame that it is now 2017 we have seen infinite warfare and now another COD game is going to be released in November 2017 and we still have the same problems with Black ops 3 since its release! My Error Code is A.B.C.-.-.F.G.-.-.-.K.-.-.N.-.-.-.-.-.-.U.-.-.X.-Z.-.-.-. My friend tries to find LAN game without success. ??? meh cods shit anyway are you surprised? Go through the installation process till the installation is completed. I’m a girl and I didn’t stop till I figured it out so pay attention. My version is, since yesterday this has been happening!!! version. Call of Duty is a hit video game played by gamers all around the world. If I play my myself I have no problem. Once you see those number then Press X to start. Can’t even play. This wasnt happening last week. My game constantly lags (may 31st) and keeps saying connection interrupted. any solutions? clearly not my line or any other setting but the servers are messed. Gunplay hits the sweet spot, movement conforms to the Black Ops style, and maps are of a somewhat decent quality. What’s wrong? Online does not work on multiplayer and campaign. Error code A.B.C.D.E.F.-.H.I.J.K.-.-.N.-.-.-.-.-.-.U. i wasnt getting stung for another failed game payment. ACTIVISION SUCKS WITH SUPPORT AND ONLY WANTS YOUR MONEY…LETS SELL COD POINTS AND CRYPTOKEYS FOR LOTS OF MONEY, THEN SCREW EVERYONE IN THE GAME WITH LOUSY GAME SUPPORT AND NO PHONE NUMBER. Haven’t been able to play on the PS4 for a day or two now because the servers are terrible. Why!?! It’s bullspit what Activision has done. It really helped with everything but Black Ops. It hasn’t been 3 weeks and you already nuked the game by making the double hit melee kill a single hit making your level 40 combat knife useless I based my choice on prestige on that that that would be an instant kill. What a bunch of bullshit – they release a pack that you need to win 125 games to get or pay for and ever since I started I’ve not been able to play one game without an issue. abc error hope this fixes the problems :c and i still can not play, the options are grayed out :c kill me pls, I DID NOT BUY THIS GAME TO NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY IT!!!!! Anyone know if the above is possible? Apparently, this new Call of Duty game will go back to the Black Ops franchise, though none of that has been confirmed so far. Please try again later. 3 Personalization Packs: Fan favorite Cyborg & Weaponized 115 packs along with a new Black Ops 3 pack. Last night i played about 3 complete games online with no problem. I don’t know if there’s just a plethora of lag switchers or what but multiplayer is broken and unplayable for me at the moment. GARBAGE!! He even tried to connect my profile on his xbox one downstairs and it does not work at all under my profile, but he can connect under his profile. BUT I CAN PLAY ZOMBIES ONLINE WITH NO INTERRUPTIONS OR PROBLEMS. Having the same problem…prestige 100 and constantly getting disconnected. Whats going on. Anyone else can’t play right now? Like a update or something, I can’t literally stand this my Nat type is open my internet has very fast speed and I am still getting disconnected on zombies only. I had this problem with DLC 3 go to manage games then click Bo3. if all 0’s then you will not connect. Somehow, just do it quick before you lose a lot of customers. Figured when beta had a problem, the real deal would have been fixed. error code a.-.-.d.e.f.g.h.i.j.k.-.-.n.-.-.q.-.s.t.u.v.w.-.-.z.-. Cant play multi player or zombies at all, and can only play campaign mode for about 5 minutes at a time before im thrown from the server. If your on ps4 i dont know what to do. Tried everything I read on the net. now its every damn game, trying to play a full game of zombies but servers randomly end games with errors.. right now its happening to 8 out of 9 games.. this sucks fix ur damn servers. 0734 in England….my ops3 been checking for files for 15 minutes….Activision you choose the strangest times to mess around with servers…, I CANT GET ONLINE RN MY FRIENDS ARE WAITING FIX IT PLZ, I am having an issue with Black Ops 3 as well. Cannot connect and when I could all my CP were deleted. There are many things going on. I’m so grateful. have not been able to play bo3 for 6 days status says everything is ok but wont load profile or connect to server. Was same but now its working go and chech it, Leave on start screen for 20 mins. Same…it’s frustrating and I want my money back, I have not been able to connect at all PS tells mw its Comcast Comcast tells me its the IP address that the game changed when it was downloading…have not been able to play since I got the game. Xbox one was down. Fuck the cod server. Strange for game to be offline on a weekend, hopefully it won’t last long. My NAT Type is OPEN and still i could be waiting for an hour to find a match in TDM or Domination. I play destiny on PS4 and never a issue I played cod bo2 on PS4 never a issue. Restart the game. Do you have problems? cant connect to online servers, ABC problem for me as well on ps4 it sucks…. Have not been able to connect to COD server on xbox one for and hour. Restart your modem. im so pissed this is my only day off i have and i spent 60 bucks on a game that sucks sold it now i have this game that doesnt even work!!! Xbox one bo3 servers are extremely laggy for me right now, and have been since the update. Since I first tried multiplayer every game I get into I get the connection interrupted message and rubberband about 3-4 seconds back.

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