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ham and brie sandwich recipe

Enjoy and quick and better sandwich than your usual go-to with ham, brie, and hot pepper jelly on pumpernickel bread. The combo of brie cheese, apple slices, and ham create a fancy grilled cheese sandwich perfect for a weeknight dinner that comes together in practically no time. Spread the top half of the rolls with jam and place over the Brie. Get one of our Ham and brie sandwich recipe recipe and prepare delicious and healthy treat for your family or friends. Honey-Mustard Mayonnaise. Flip sandwich and do the same on other side. She introduced us to what she called the “French sandwich.” It was disarmingly simple — a skinny baguette, spread lightly with butter and layered with thinly sliced ham, and perhaps a thin slice of cheese. This leftover ham and brie sandwich has it all: salty ham and creamy brie, fresh greens, tangy mustard, and sweet-tart cranberry sauce. Top with remaining bread. Our most trusted Ham And Brie Sandwich recipes. This tasty sandwich was inspired by one I had in a little cafe. Broil 3-4 in. Grilled Apple, Ham, and Brie Sandwich Better Homes and Gardens olive oil, whole berry cranberry sauce, cooked ham, tart apples and 3 more Grilled Pear & Brie Sandwich Num's the Word Spread remaining slice of bread with marmalade. Keep in mind, since brie has a higher melting point than most cheeses, this sandwich will be done in half the time of a typical grilled cheese sandwich! Remove the rolls from the package in once piece, and then slice all the rolls in half, again all in one piece. Get the recipe > Learn how to cook great Ham and brie sandwich recipe . I should have known better when I picked it up. Cover with the remaining slices of bread, honey side in. Gooey, melted brie is great with ham and so much flavor is added with the addition of sweetens mustard spread over the bread slices. All pressed between two pieces of whole grain gluten-free bread for a delicious subtle nuttiness and chew. It was pretty heavy considering there were only 8 slices in the package. Get full Ham and Brie Sandwich Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. Danielle Kartes shows you how to make a cheesy, melty, and delightful hot ham and brie sandwich. Total Time: 15 minutes Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Next, layer cheese and ham. Fill with deli ham, sliced brie and sliced green apple. Put 1/4 cup olive oil, the lemon juice and zest, garlic, sugar, and salt and pepper to taste in a blender and pulse to combine. Although we’ve been in our current house here in Seattle over a year now, I’m still unpacking a few stray boxes from the basement. This sandwich is really simple to make and completely relies on the quality of the ingredients. Brown one side of sandwich over medium-low heat in a pan with some melted butter. Repeat to make 3 more sandwiches. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Start preparing the Honey-Mustard Mayonnaise. Feel free to read it more as a formula than a recipe and adjust according to taste. This Ham and Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich is my favorite ham leftover recipe to date. Spread peach preserves on the other side and sprinkle blue cheese over the top. Since this is a recipe blog, I’ve included a recipe at the end of this post. Between the flavorful Prime Fresh Honey Ham and the soft, mild brie cheese, the buttery, crisp sourdough and the freshness of the tomatoes – you just can’t go wrong. Reviewed by millions of home cooks. This quick and easy smoked ham and brie grilled cheese sandwich is made even better with a sweet and savory apple and caramelized onion spread. Cut the Brie horizontally into three rounds; cut each round into eight wedges. I am sure other meats could replace the ham, e.g. Enjoy! deliver fine selection of quality Ham and brie sandwich recipe recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. Bursting with sweet-and-savory flavor, this Ham, Brie and Apple Panini Sandwich is a quick lunch or an easy dinner recipe that's ready in less than 20 minutes! Brie, ham & fig jam toastie 2 ratings 5.0 out of 5 star rating This speedy comforting snack has everything you want from a sandwich – melty cheese, salty ham and a touch of sweet fruit Layer with ham, tomato and cheese wedges. Prepare sandwich by spreading tapenade on the inside of one piece of bread and layering ham, arugula, and then brie. It’s an iconic French sandwich, sold in lunch restaurants, by street vendors, available everywhere, considered fast food over there. turkey, c. Click to Tweet Back to the fridge: you also need a nice crisp Granny Smith apple, some good bread (I used ciabatta bread for our sandwiches)…and here’s the kicker. Top one slice, mustard side up, with lettuce leaves, 1/4 of the ham, 1/4 of the brie and 1/4 of the apple slices. from the heat for 2 minutes or until lightly toasted. Spread muffins with mayonnaise mixture. — Nicky Bond (@BondieLa) November 6, 2017. I am not a big appliance gal. And I got right to work preparing this heavenly new sandwich that marries tart marmalade, spicy arugula, creamy brie and little-bit-salty ham. Spread softened butter and dijon mustard inside a split loaf of French bread. For each sandwich, spread one side of the roll with 1 tablespoon of apricot jam and the other side with 1 teaspoon mustard. Ham and Brie Sandwich Recipe by sweet tea. Smear the exterior sides of the bread on each sandwich with the thyme-infused butter. Place already prepared ham steak on top of the brie and place other side of the sandwich on top. Brush the hot grill pan with oil. Place the remaining slice of bread on top of the sandwich; Cut, serve and enjoy! Ham and brie sandwich recipe recipe. In a small bowl, toss arugula with olive oil, salt and pepper. Place second slice of bread, mustard side down, over apples. For this tea sandwich, I used pumpernickel bread, but it was way too dense and threw off the balance of the sandwich. This easy recipe for a ham, Brie and apple sandwich takes the humble ham and cheese lunch to new heights with the combo of creamy Brie, sweet apple and ham! Top the fig jam with brie and ham, sandwich with the remaining bread, butter-side up, then place in the toastie maker or the griddle pan. My Quick & Easy Grilled Ham and Brie Sandwich Recipe, featuring Prime Fresh Lunch meat, is the most perfect ham and cheese sandwich you could possibly imagine! If desired brush outside of sandwich with olive oil. 2 ounces low-fat, reduced-sodium sliced cooked ham, cut into bite-size strips 1 ½ ounces brie cheese, sliced 2 medium tart apples, cored and thinly sliced Place English muffins, cut side up, on a foil-lined 15x10x1-in. Place each sandwich … I want it all! To one side add about ¼ cup arugula, a slice of brie, and 3 thin slices of ham; sandwich the bread together. I love the combination of ham, brie and honey mustard. Line one side of the bread with sliced brie. Rate this Ham and Brie Sandwich recipe with 6 slices black forest ham, 1/2 (8 oz) wedge brie cheese, sliced, 2 tbsp apricot preserves, 1 tbsp dijon mustard, 4 thick slices italian bread, 1 tbsp olive oil Put the vinegar, egg, mustard, salt, and pepper in the bowl of a food processor fitted with the stainless-steel blade or whisk attachment. Cut into pieces. baking pan. If cooking in a pan, squash down a little with the back of a fish slice while cooking, flip over after 2-3 mins when golden, then cook on the other side. Cook until heated through and crispy onthe outside. Place the bottom half onto the prepared baking dish. Cut sandwich in half. Oh Nigella. The sandwich is an interesting combination of flavors with a little tanginess from the Dijon mustard plus a little salty taste from the ham, the rich creaminess of the brie and a tart, sweet apple. Last weekend, I unpacked an old, beloved friend: my panini press. Add 3 slices of Brie to two pieces of bread, then top with smoked ham and sliced apples. The whole thing is grilled until the brie is runny and delicious but the apple keeps its fresh, crisp crunch. Spread with grainy mustard and top with ham and Brie cheese. For one sandwich, spread 2 slices of bread with some of the mustard. One thing I’ll say, though. I want your house, your outside table, your fairy lights, your upper arms and your brie, fig and parma ham butty. Jambon Beurre Sandwich (Ham, Butter and Brie Sandwich) While I adore a simple deli turkey sandwich with cheese, lettuce, and just the right amount of mayo, after you eat said turkey sandwich an astonishing nine days in a row, it starts to go from pleasantly simple to unpleasantly boring. Top the ham and cheese with the arugula mixture. Layer 3 more slices of Brie cheese on top of the apples.

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