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shanghai metro tickets

Let us know the countries you've been to! Book your tickets online for Shanghai Metro, Shanghai: See 4,143 reviews, articles, and 1,035 photos of Shanghai Metro, ranked No.5 on Tripadvisor among 89 attractions in Shanghai. Shanghai Public Transportation CardThe Card is convenient to pay the metro fare. It costs 3 RMB for 0 to 6 km and every 1 RMB for every exceeded 10 km. 55 RMB/one-way ticket and 85 RMB/round-trip ticket… > Children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) ride free when accompanied by an adult. We've launched by invitation for now. Afterwards visit Shanghai Museum.Walk through the exhibition halls will enhance your understanding of Chinese history. Questions & Answers on Shanghai Metro Ticket, Does the metro travel from the bund to the Shanghai International Circuit. Additionally the Card allows for once an overdraft of CNY 8. Ticketholders can use the pass any time within 24 hours in any Shanghai Metro line (exculding the Maglev Line) Ensure that you have your subway pass for the check out upon arrival. Creating an account in 30 seconds and be part of a community of world adventurers! Waiting for the Train. Maglev & Metro Pass ticket holder is eligible for one way or round-trip tickets on the Shanghai Maglev and unlimited transportation on all metro lines within 24 hours after swiping the ticket at the entrance gate for the first time. 1. Can I also buy a one day Metro travel card at this Meglev station terminal for my next 24 hours use ( I will activate it after the first 24 hours in Shanghai). 11 Language English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, 한국어, Русский, Français, Español, Deutsch, Português, Italiano 2. Line 5 is slightly cheaper than the rest and begins at 2 yuan (30 cents). We're building a community of world adventurers rather than occasional vacationers, Live in Beijing but travels to Shanghai frequently, I have read, understood, and agree to both the, Santiago Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL), Most convenient ways to get from the city to Pudong International Airport - Shanghai, China, How to take Metro Line10 to Hongqiao Airport or Hongqiao Train Station in Shanghai - Shanghai, China, Best way to get from the Shanghai Airports to the city - Shanghai, China, Shanghai metro stops are huge, check which exit is closest to your destination to save walking time - Shanghai, China, Best ways to get around Shanghai - Shanghai, China, Public transportation is the best way to get around in Shanghai when it rains - Shanghai, China, Shanghai has an extensive metro system and is one of the best ways to get around the city for cheap, Also, like all tier 1 cities in China, traffic gets really crazy during rush hours so the metro can also be the quickest way to get around the city at 8am-9:30am and 4:30pm-7pm, All tickets can be bought at any metro station, Day Pass and 3-Day Pass must be bought at the human booth, whereas Single Journey Ticket can also be bought at the automated ticketing machine available at all metro stations, Payment method is cash RMB, Alipay, or WeChat Pay (details on setting up. Single Journey TicketIt is a thin IC card which is endowed with a certain sum of money depending on the destination you choose. Shanghai Shentong Metro Group recently partnered with Mastercard to launch a card-on-file service for its Shanghai Metro App, which allows overseas travellers to … Work offline Internet connection is not required. Purchase your ticket. This type of ticket can only … I have a 4 yr old and 1 yr old kid... are they free to ride or I need to buy metro tickets for both? Transfers are usually quite smooth throughout lines in the Shanghai subway system, but there are a few places where additional fares or changes will be needed. Most of Shanghai's old city centre can be reached via the handy red line. The usage time is calculated from the first entering station, and the operating hours within 24/72 hours after that are limited to individual passengers taking the lines of Shanghai Rail Transit (except the maglev train). You can buy them at metro station of Hongqiao Railway Station. It was first opened in 1993 and gradually expanded its network to 16 lines, with a total of 393 stations and a total route length of 644 km. All you have to do is buy a ticket — you scan it when you enter the station, and you insert it into the turnstile when you exit. > Basically, there are three ways to get a ticket for the Shanghai metro! Enter the ticket gates and hold the top of your iPhone or the display of your Apple Watch near the middle of the ticket gate scanner until you feel a vibration. Approach one of the ticket machines. Fully up-to-date for 2020 Accurate metro map and metro information. The Maglev Round Trip + Metro One-day Pass costs CNY 85 and allows passengers to take a maglev round-trip (economy class) and unlimited metro rides within 24 hours after the first use. Then, click on the metro line number at the bottom of the screen (yellow circle in the picture below) of your. This pass is not required to be returned after use so passenger could keep it as a souvenir. It can be bought at a ticket dispenser or from a ticket booth. Don't forget to leave comment, like, and share the video. 3. Souvenir TicketFor visitors, a souvenir ticket is a good choice. You can use Express Transit with Apple Pay to pay for transit services, like metro and buses. 3. Some of the stops of Line 2, also known as Green line are: Haitiansan Road, Yuandong Avenue, Lingkong Road, Chuansha, East Huaxia Road, East Chuangxin Road Tang Town. Can I buy the travel the one-day or three-day travel pass at Hongqiao Railway Station? Then swipe your card on the way in, and let it be swallowed on the way out. If you share our mission, we'd love for you to write awesome briefs. 3 Stations on Shanghai's Metro Line 2 Will Be Closed During CNY. Route-planner A really easy route-planner. There are also some ticket windows on F1 in the station building. Journeys under 6km cost ¥3. Work offline Internet connection is not required. 3. Pickup at Station Ticket Office If you don’t trust the web, you can head directly to the ticket office at the station and buy one there. Ticket can be purchased at the automated ticketing machines; Day Pass: 18RMB ($2.6USD) for unlimited rides on the metro within the 24-hour period starting from the first time you enter a metro station with the ticket. With this pass, passenger could take all the metro lines without limit in 72 hours after the first use. Date of experience: August 2017 Ask Seb T about Shanghai Metro Inauguration was in May 1993. Metro Line 2 will temporarily cease stopping at East Xujing, Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 from January 23 until February 2. Shanghai South Railway Station: The original train station in Shanghai travels mostly south of the city, and is equipped with a lot of older but slower trains. There are two ticket offices in Shanghai Railway Station, located in South Square and North Square. One of this app’s most helpful features is the “route planner” – plug in the names of any stations (“to” and “from”) and it will give you the line numbers, the directions of the trains, and the names of any transfers. You can buy a local transportation card, or pay by cash when you take the bus or subway. Metro card credit can be paid for by Alipay, WeChat, or cash. 4. To go from downtown Shanghai to Hongqiao Railway Station or Hongqiao Airport costs ¥7; to go to Pudong Airport from the same area costs ¥9. The good news is that there is a translation button on the upper right corner so that you can read the instructions in English. It has a big ticket office in the center of the second floor, then another smaller one in the basement near the metro ticket office. The ticket machines have an English option, the subway goes almost everywhere (fast), and it's always extremely cheap (2-4RMB for most trips). The Maglev Single Trip + Metro One-day Pass costs CNY 55 and allows passengers to take a single maglev trip (economy class) and unlimited metro rides within 24 hours after the first use. Compared with most metro systems in the world, the Shanghai metro is very cheap, very clean, and rarely suffers from delays. It should be returned at your destination station and recycled in the ticket system. You can take metro line 2 from East Nanjing Road station to Jiangsu Road station, and transfer to metro line 11 to your destination. touch screen for Shanghai metro ticket machine 2. The app, first released in January of this year, lets passengers use their smartphones as a virtual metro card with a … Fully up-to-date for 2020 Accurate metro map and metro information. Your first stop is Yuyuan Garden.Check out the Shanghai Old Street(Yuyuan Bazaar)outside the garden afterwards and make all your shopping done.. At this point you can insert your cash notes (only 5, 10, 20, or 50 RMB notes are accepted) or coins (0.5 or 1 RMB coins) into the machine. China Purchasing is pretty simple using the ticket machines which have instructions in English. We recommend the app called “Metro Shanghai Subway”. This pass is not required to be returned after use so passenger could keep it as a souvenir. If you’re a tourist here only for a few days, a one-time swipe card is works well. This is Shanghai's best metro app. If you purchase a Metro card, be sure to return it for your deposit back. With this pass, passenger could take all the city's metro lines without limit in 24 hours after the first use. Use the subway all the time in Shanghai. The Shanghai Metro is the longest rapid transit system in the … A through ticket can be bought at your starting station. When getting out of the station, it will be returned to you as a souvenir. You only can take a child under 1.3 m (including 1.3 m) free of charge, then buy metro ticket for the other child. 11 Language English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本 … With 364 stations and an operating route length of 588 km (365.4 mi), the Shanghai Metro is the world's largest metro system by length. Maglev & Metro PassThis pass has been issued since May 23, 2013. The metro system has introduced electronic ticketing so you should carry some change. There are two versions. 4. Asia Meet your professional guide at Metro Line 10 Yuyuan Station Gate 1 (9:00am) to start a wonderful metro tour.. Get route, time and fare information. SHANGHAI, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) -- China's metropolises of Beijing and Shanghai have launched a service that enables metro passengers to use the same QR code to pay ticket fees in both cities. Train lines, train signs, and train markings are all color coordinated to specific line for example Metro 2 is green so all items related to Metro … If you have pay the subway fare by the card over CNY 70 in a month, the fare you pay in the rest of the month will be 10% off. Can i also use Shanghai 1/3-day pass for buses? Longyang Road; Century Avenue; Xujiahui; South Shaanxi Road; People's Square; Hanzhong Road; Shanghai Railway Station; Zhongshan Park; West Nanjing Road; Yishan Road ‎This is Shanghai's best metro app. Types. Get route, time and fare information. The first metro line built in 1993 coincidentally runs through the oldest parts of the city. 1. Shanghai Metro tickets I plan to buy a Meglev and 24 hours metro pass for my first 24 hours in Shanghai at the Pudong International Airport Meglev station. Route-planner A really easy route-planner. The system uses a "one-ticket network", which means that interchanging is possible between all interchange stations, given that the transfer staying within the Shanghai Metro system, without the purchase of another ticket where available, excluding some stations where transferring to another line at said station requires leaving the Fare Zone (i.e. The pass is sold CNY18 and could be purchased at any ticket booths set at these metro stations. the area extending from the … It is valid for one year and can be bought at several designated subway stations. 2. I am staying in Shanghai for 15 days and commuting everyday between Zhongxing to Tongji university, Which ticket should I buy? You can only take the train once on certain lines. Here's a step-by-step guide on buying the Single Journey Ticket at the automatic ticketing machine: Go into the metro station and locate the ticketing machines that look like this (in the picture below the three machines on the right are the ticketing machines): Go to the screen of one of these machines, and tap the right top corner (red circle in the picture below) to toggle the language between Chinese and English. It is common for the new users to pay CNY 100 for the card, including a CNY 20 deposit and CNY 80 for use. The pass is available at both the maglev stations of Pudong International Airport and Longyang Rd. 1. Basic information about the metro in Shanghai With less than 10 million passengers transported daily, Shanghai Metro is the second busiest subway in the world. Shanghai How to Ride the Shanghai Metro Fare rates: Fares are based on distance traveled and transfers made, ranging from 3 to 9 yuan (about 45 cents to $1.30). It is common in China for subway passengers to use a QR code for payments, which is usually scanned at the ticket gates. Opened in 1995, Shanghai's metro system (地铁 - dìtiě) has 12 lines and incorporates both subway and light rail lines. After use, the card will not be recycled and passengers can keep it as a souvenir. 5. thank you for your help! At this point, the main screen will show only the stations of the line you've chosen. Copyright © 1998-2020 All rights reserved. on the main screen, click on the destination station: After you've clicked on your destination station name, you will need to choose the number of tickets you want to buy. You can take a single subway line or transfer to other lines at some major transfer stations such as People's Square, South Railway Station, Indoor Stadium, Xinzhuang, Zhongshan Park, Century Avenue and South Xizang Rd. The pass … 2. It can be used not only on the metro, but also on some public buses, ferryboats and even taxies. Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station near the end of Metro Lines 2 and 10 is where many of the high-speed trains depart. Expats can finally use the Shanghai Metro app. Useful Info. Metro passengers can have a discount if they pay the fare by Public Transportation Card. Metro offers transportation from Pudong International Airport to Guanglan Rd, which is the Metro Line 2, also known as Green Line. Shanghai Metro Tickets Fees. Most other lines only have automated machines with staff on hand to help if there is a problem with purchasing a ticket or loading money onto your metro card. The card can be used repeatedly and you can deposit more money in it at designated metro stations, bus stations, banks or stores. Shanghai metro buying a ticket - China SHA travel tips for subway walkthrough of using the automated ticket vending machines. A single journey ticket can be used only one time on the day you buy it within the subway lines and stations you choose. It costs CNY6 with 1.5 hours. Make Offer - Hong Kong MTR metro subway ticket Airport Express Line to Hong Kong Station 2012 80 Philadelphia Subway Trolley & Bus Transfer & Ticket Set PTC PRT Red Arrow $69.99 This discount is applied after the Interchange discount, i.e. This won't let us post anything to your wall or get any other information, Welcome back! Shanghai Metro has an excellent website with a fare calculator. Single Journey Ticket: this type of ticket needs buying every time … Buy/Collect Tickets at Shanghai Railway Station. As soon as you've inserted enough cash, or confirmed your payment through AliPay/WeChat Pay, the ticket will slide out at the bottom of the ticketing machine. Metro Metro Line 11 Shanghai Metro tickets. Enter your email and password below to login to your account. The wait is over! The pass is sold CNY45 and could be purchased at any ticket booths set at these metro stations. Cost of Shanghai Metro Transportation is measured according to the distance. Buy a Shanghai Public Transportation Card (ask at an information desk) for a 20RMB refundable deposit, and you can top it up with 50RMB or 100RMB increments using a recharge machine. 4. 1. 2. more news. Travel Tips Myfunfoodiary: 👉🏻 How to Buy Shanghai Metro Tickets from the Vending Machine. Submitted on Dec 10, 2019 Passengers will find transfer to several other metro lines on the Metro Line 2 stops. One-day Travel PassIt has been introduced for Shanghai subway since Expo 2010. When 70 RMB is used on the same card on the Metro within one month, further metro fares are discounted 10%. You’ll press the name of the station you’re going to and the machine will indicate the purchase price. Useful Info The ticket refund windows are numbered 1 and 2, and the rescheduling windows are numbered 3 and 4. as well as some major metro stations like T2 of Hongqiao International Airport, Hongqiao Railway Station, South Railway Station, Railway Station, People’ Square and Jing’an Temple, etc. Shanghai metro adopts a 'one-ticket transfer' system. Sign up is really quick. The Shanghai Metro is a rapid transit rail network in Shanghai, China. 6. 1 is selected by default so if you don't choose anything you will get 1 ticket: After you've selected the number of ticket, the screen will NOT change and will remain on the same screen as step 4 above. Plan your Shanghai Metro Tour with the Shanghai Metro Route map! Follow the guide signs to find the correct platform to wait for the train in the … We will receive your email, name and profile photo. Then just swipe your card at the ticket … However, if the card has a zero or a negative balance, it can't be used any more. Three-day Travel PassIt has been used since March, 2012. The Chinese-only Metro Daduhui app (Metro大都会) now supports registration with a foreign passport or Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan ID card, according to the latest app update released on April 2.. Chinese online payment platform Alipay is partnering with the Shanghai Metro app, meaning passengers will soon be able to pay for their metro journeys through their phones.. Shangai Shentong Metro Group is following many other cities in working with Alipay, a company that is frequently chosen to be involved in public transportation ticketing developments. >

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