Scribbling Lion Status

I’ve put my former small bookstore into maintenance mode while I manage a comprehensive overhaul. It’s going to become more of a book review/writing news/creative support site. The store will not return.

For the moment, if you want to buy my work, I’ll point you to ReAnimus and Smashwords. I do have print copies of my books on hand, but I’m not set up to sell them just yet. I’m still figuring out what to do about the self-published work, going forward, since TSL is now officially out of business from a tax/legal standpoint. I will probably open up a store on this site and sell it all under my own name.

It was a lot of fun to vend at various conventions, and I learned a lot, and I miss it; but I don’t think I’ll do it again. I want to put my energy into more writing and less selling, right now. So while I may be quiet with blog posts overall, believe me, I’m wearing out my keyboard on a daily basis. It’s an awesome feeling!

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