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Followup to the Followup

The sun is shining. I have coffee in hand and lemon yogurt in tummy. The floor is once more covered in black dog hair, and the laundry seems endless. My office is slowly taking shape: it was pulled apart, over…
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The Depths of Human Stubbornness

I’m going to talk about racism today. I promise, it’s relevant to the title. And to writing, even. It’s easy (for some of us) to turn racism into an abstract discussion. To forget that there are real people being affected….
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Politics in SFF

I wrote this post in June of 2016 and never posted it, for whatever reason. It’s now December 2016, and it seems even more relevant than six months ago. I honestly don’t recall if I went to the convention I…
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End at the Beginning

So you’ve got this huge toolbox. Packed with wrenches and hammers and screwdrivers and every imaginable item of easily portable handyman apparatus you can think of. It’s a magical toolbox. Actually, a better word would be cursed. Every time you…
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When Business IS Personal…

I have long held up the standard of Don’t Go Into Business With Friends Or Family. I’m considering dropping that flag in favor of a better one. DGIBWFOF doesn’t reflect today’s small business reality, when a solidly built network of…
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